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Daniel Craig dieted for new cowboy flick

August 12, 2011 - London

Daniel Craig has revealed that he underwent dieting to achieve the look of a cowboy in his latest flick 'Cowboys and Aliens'.

The 43-year-old 'James Bond' star said that he lost weight as according to him cowboys should be "skinny" and not "pumped up".

"I dieted because I wanted to get skinny because I didn't think cowboys should be pumped up," Sky News quoted him as saying.

Craig also said that while acting in the movie alongside Harrison Ford, he achieved his childhood dream of becoming a cowboy.

"I wanted to be a cowboy more than I want to be anything else," he said.

"I had a plastic Winchester toy gun which was free at a fair... It's been a joy, I've been lucky and doing it with Harrison Ford too, so two for one," he added.


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