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Brit 'ladettes' match the lads in binge drinking

August 20, 2011 - London

British women have topped a European league of binge drinking and are now as likely to binge on alcohol as men.

Nearly eight percent of British women are "ladettes", a EU research found.

The study also found that in every other country in the study, men out drank women - sometimes by a ratio of nine to one.

Experts blamed the shocking figures on financial independence and the rise of a generation whose idea of a good night out is drinking to oblivion.

They said many young women were trying to emulate the drunken antics of pop stars and models photographed falling out of pubs and clubs.

"It is quite fashionable for footballers to drink heavily, to trash places. The image young people get is that that is quite acceptable to do," the Daily Mail quoted Irwin Nazareth, who led the research at University College London, as saying.

"It is considered a bit edgy, risky and fashionable. These are the role models for the younger generation," he stated.

The study of 6,500 people found 4.5 percent were considered binge drinkers, meaning that they down six or more drinks in one sitting, at least once a month.

The rate was highest in the Netherlands, where 8.4 percent qualified as binge drinkers. But the UK was not far behind, with a score of 8.1 percent.

The researchers said British women were binge drinking on a par with the men, with 7.7 percent fitting the criteria, compared with 8.9 percent of men.

The Britons taking part were also more likely to progress to being classed as heavy drinkers over the coming months.

The study has been published in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism.


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