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'Bad girl'Li Lo could be heading to prison

October 15, 2011 - London

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has apparently violated a court order to see a psychologist at least once a week, which could lead her to prison when she faces an angry judge next week.

The 25-year-old actress was told to keep weekly appointments during her sentence last May for stealing a necklace worth 1,529 pounds.

According to website Lohan has not been attending as she has been working out of the country, but Judge Stephanie Sautner stressed work commitments were not a good enough excuse.

The actress is also said to be in trouble for having to alter her community service schedule after the Downtown Women's Centre in Los Angeles - where she was ordered to perform 360 hours of labour - allegedly told her they did not want any more of her help.

It's reported that she failed to turn up nine times and would only stay for an hour when she did.

"As of September 30 Lindsay logged 21 hours, leaving 339 hours which must be completed by May 11, 2012. Short story... Lindsay could go to jail next week when she appears before Judge Sautner for her progress report," The Daily Express quoted sources connected with the probation department as telling the website.

But Lohan isn't worried about any consequences coming her way.

According to the actress has been telling friends "I'm not worried about court, nothing is going to happen to me."

Confident that her excuses will work again with the judge, Lohan has told her friends that she is sure her court appearance will just be another lecture but that she's not going to be going to jail.

"Lindsay says she knows that she's not doing what they want her to do now but she feels like she won't get in any trouble," her friend said.


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