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Entertainment News on August 13, 2011

Rose McGowan was raised by drag queens
Hollywood actress Rose McGowan has revealed that she was raised by a group of men, who liked to dress up as women, after she ran away from home when she was 13. ANI

Simon Cowell would love to sign up Pippa Middleton for TV career
X Factor judge Simon Cowell has said that he would love to sign up Pippa Middleton for a career in television. ANI

Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz started dating after filming 'Dream House'
Daniel Craig and his new wife Rachel Weisz are said to have started dating after playing a love-struck couple in the horror flick 'Dream House. ANI

Hugh Hefner's ex Crystal Harris moves in with Dr Phil's son Jordan
Hugh Hefner's ex-fiancee is said to have moved in with Phil McGraw's younger son Jordan, but they are "just good friends". ANI

Renee Zellweger signs up for third 'Bridget Jones' movie
Renee Zellweger is said to have signed up for the third 'Bridget Jones' movie. ANI

James Bond taught me how to shoot my gun: Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde has revealed that while starring in her latest movie 'Cowboys and Aliens' she got a lesson on how to shoot a gun from her co-star and the current 007 star Daniel Craig. ANI

Cheryl Cole set for acting debut with TV judge role
Cheryl Cole is all set to debut as an actress after she landed a Hollywood role where she would be playing the part of a judge in a TV talent show. ANI

Mick Jagger's fitness, beauty credited to yoga, pilates, 500 pounds creams
Rolling stone star Sir Mick Jagger might have turned 68 but his fitness and looks are still maintained, thanks to his diet and a proper exercise regime. ANI

Joe Jonas takes dirty clothes from laundry basket to wear
Joe Jonas has revealed that he regularly takes out dirty clothes from the laundry basket and wears them. ANI

Cheryl, Ashley to host 'clear-the-air dinner' for family members
Cheryl and Ashley Cole are rumoured to be holding a "clear-the-air dinner" for their relatives. ANI

Director James Cameron penning 'Avatar Bible' for sequel
Director James Cameron is believed to be penning an 'Avatar' "bible" as he prepares to start working on his sci-fi epic's sequel. ANI

Justin Theroux prefers 'bad guy' roles to romantic ones
Justin Theroux has revealed that he loves playing a bad guy role more than a romantic hero, because it is more fun. ANI

Robert Pattinson wants own fashion line: Kellan Lutz
'Twilight' star Kellan Lutz has revealed that Robert Pattinson wants to launch his own clothing range after he came to know that his co-star had one. ANI

Anne Hathaway left on tenterhooks over Catwoman audition
Anne Hathaway has revealed that she was left on tenterhooks because of the audition for the part of Catwoman in the hotly anticipated Batman sequel, 'The Dark Knight Rises'. ANI

Men are my weakness: Dolly Parton on how she loves to flirt
Country singer Dolly Parton, who is rumoured to have had countless lovers in her 45-year marriage, has said that she loves to flirt and that men are her weakness. ANI

Heather Locklear, Jack Wagner 'finally' engaged
Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner are finally engaged after a four-year on-and-off relationship. ANI

Brooke Hogan strips for PETA's 'Women In Cages' campaign
Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke Hogan posed nude for animal rights charity PETA's 'Women In Cages' campaign. ANI

Russell Brand calls UK riots 'sad and frightening'
Russell Brand, who is now based in Los Angeles, showed that he is still a Londoner at heart by taking to his blog to voice his concerns about the recent riots in UK, calling them "sad and frightening". ANI

Kim Kardashian is "very calm" before wedding, says her mother
Kim Kardashian's mother has revealed that her daughter is keeping as cool as a cucumber and staying "very calm" merely one week before her wedding. ANI

Winehouse saved coconut seller's life by secretly paying for his operation
Late Amy Winehouse is said to have saved the life of a coconut seller in St Lucian by secretly paying for his operation. ANI

Jennifer Aniston 'anxious' to wed beau Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux are said to have "talked at length" about getting married and starting a family of their own. ANI

Sandra Bullock was keen to get back to work after split, claims director
Sandra Bullock is said to have "thrown herself" into work with her "usual enthusiasm and energy" following the split with husband Jesse James. ANI

Jamie Hince thought Kate Moss had gone 'mental' ahead of wedding
Jamie Hince was worried about wife Kate Moss' state of mind after she turned "mental" while preparing for their wedding last month. ANI

Coldplay's Chris Martin says Mylo Xyloto could be their last album
Coldplay's lead vocalist Chris Martin has revealed that the latest album they are working on could be their last. ANI

Britney Spears treats Pauly D to on-stage lap dance in comeback tour
Britney Spears treated 'Jersey Shore' star Pauly D to an onstage lap dance during her comeback Femme Fatale tour in Montreal. ANI

Recipe for chicken curry found in British cookbook dated 1796
An old recipe for chicken curry has been found in a British cookbook that dates back to 1796. ANI

Cathay Pacific pilot, flight attendant dismissed over cockpit sex
A pilot and a flight stewardess were fired from Cathay Pacific after photos of them having oral sex in a cockpit were published online and in print. ANI

Over-scheduling of kids' activities behind 'family fatigue' syndrome
Almost half of mothers are complaining that their households are suffering from family fatigue over over-scheduling of children's activities - such as soccer training, dance lessons, piano practice and language classes. ANI

Women moan during sex not because of orgasms, but to help men climax
A new study from the University of Central Lancashire has revealed that the noise a woman might make during sex does not often correspond with her orgasm - but may have to do with her partner. ANI

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