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Arnie spent wild 50th birthday frisking, kissing topless stripper

June 8, 2011 - Washington

An American publication has revealed details of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 50th birthday party when the actor spent a wild night with a stripper while he was married to his wife, Maria Shriver.

The actor's guy friends threw him a "boys only no wives or girlfriends" party at director James Cameron's house and invited a stripper who was dressed up like a cop.

The pictures of his birthday party show Schwarzenegger's getting pretty close to the "law enforcement officer."

"Arnold seemed to love the stripper. She was his present," quoted a source as saying.

The stripper reportedly bared her br**ts and the future Governor of California couldn't get enough.

"Arnold was all over her, grabbing her br**ts and kissing her," the source added.

According to an insider, 'The Terminator' actor got frisky with the stripper "She gave him a lap dance and he looked like he really enjoyed it, he couldn't keep his hands off her the whole time," he revealed.


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