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Entertainment News on April 22, 2011

'It's time to recognize the Armenian Genocide': Kim Kardashian
Reality star Kim Kardashian has taken on Tweeter to urge Turkey to finally recognize the Armenian Genocide. ANI

'Edited' Oksana tapes don't represent me, says Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson has finally spoken out defending himself over his outrageous audiotapes, which heard him using offensive and extremely racist language against ex- girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. ANI

Rihanna delays charity project over extra flab
Rihanna has demanded re-editing of the online video that she shot for a charity drive, after complaining that she looked heavier than usual in the clip. ANI

No more wedding vows for Sean Bean
After having four marriages that ended in a divorce, Sean Bean has now declared that he is better off staying single. ANI

I can't please everybody: Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that some people are irritated by her work ethics but she cannot 'please everybody'. ANI

Seaweed shake- an effective way to cut your flab!
Finding a healthy way to lose weight? Try a seaweed shake. ANI

Britney Spears' mum working as a skincare saleswoman!
Britney Spears' mother Lynne has reportedly taken a job as a skincare saleswoman. ANI

Jessica Simpson enjoying being a businesswoman
American actress Jessica Simpson is enjoying her role as the owner of a widely successful and affordable fashion line. ANI

Prosecutors in MJ case to use autopsy photos
Two photographs taken during Michael Jackson's autopsy will be used in the Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. ANI

Teen Marilyn Monroe's letter reveals 'hubby kept her busy cooking and cleaning'
A never-before-seen letter penned by 16-year-old newly married Marilyn Monroe describing her early life as a desperate housewife has surfaced after 69 years. ANI

Andy Warhol's self-portrait to fetch $40m at NY auction
A self-portrait of American pop artist Andy Warhol completed shortly before his death is expected to fetch up to 40 million dollars at a New York auction next month. ANI

Christina Aguilera 1st celeb to be honoured on 'Gay Walk of Fame'
Christina Aguilera has become the first celebrity to be inducted into the Hollywood's 'Gay Walk of Fame'. ANI

Lady Gaga slips and falls during live concert -again
Seems like Lady Gaga is getting used to tripping out on stage. ANI

Was Emma Watson bullied into leaving Brown University?
Rumour mill has it that Emma Watson, who left a top U.S. university in order to continue acting, may have been victim to some good old fashioned bullying. ANI

Arnie eyeing EU president post
It has emerged that actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning to launch a bid to become the European Union (EU) president. ANI

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Aniston not dating
Washington, April 22: Ever since his split with girlfriend Renee Zellweger last month, Bradley Cooper has reportedly been hanging out with Jennifer Aniston. ANI

Brigitte Nielsen had sex with Arnie, Sly, and Sean Penn!
Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen has disclosed in her new autobiography that she had bed with some of Hollywood's leading men, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone, and Sean Penn. ANI

Hire Paris Hilton's former party pad at $20K a month!
Paris Hilton's former Los Angeles home is reportedly up for rent for 20,000 dollars per month. ANI

Men watch p*rn for 2 hours a week, women 15 min
A survey has found that young men spend an average of two hours a week viewing pornography on the internet, compared with just 15 minutes for young women. ANI

Modern teen girls value character, gadgets and Facebook the most
London, April 22: Modern young women believe character to be more important than looks, according to a new survey. ANI

Lady Gaga apologizes for calling Madonna rip-off remarks 'retarded'
Just a day after calling the plagiarism speculation as "retarded", Lady Gaga has apologized for using the offensive word. ANI

Rare Sex Pistols disc pips Beatles to be the most valuable vinyl
A rare recording of the Sex Pistols' 'God Save the Queen' has been named the world's most valuable vinyl disc. ANI

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