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Alec Baldwin to play Mark Wahlberg's father in 'Three Mississippi'

May 21, 2011 - Sydney

After appearing together in the 2006 film 'The Departed', Alec Baldwin will play Mark Wahlberg's father in Will Ferrell's new movie that records the exploits of two rival families who support opposing American football teams.

The film was originally titled 'Turkey Bowl' but would now be called 'Three Mississippi'.

"Alec Baldwin is the patriarch of one of the families, and Wahlberg is his son. His family starts playing the other family that lives across the park from them," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted the producer, Adam McKay, as telling Entertainment Weekly.

"Over the years, Baldwin's family hasn't done too well - they own a crappy little bar in town - while the other family, which Will's character eventually becomes the patriarch of, becomes really successful," he said.

"The game gets nastier and nastier as the years go on, and Ferrell's family starts just destroying the other family. After a massive Heart attack, Baldwin's character's dying wish is that his estranged son, Mark, takes over the game and finally win one. So Wahlberg has to put this ramshackle, convict, gambling-addict family back together again and beat the richies," he added.


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