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Entertainment News on October 23, 2010

Kate Moss looks half her age in 'airbrushed' lingerie photo shoot
A lingerie shoot featuring supermodel Kate Moss is believed to have been airbrushed after the photographs taken showed her as having the figure and flawless complexion of a teenager. ANI

Posh too pricey to make appearance for Melbourne Cup
Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham will no longer be making a visit to Australia for the Melbourne Cup, reason being the price she demanded was too high. ANI

NZ tourism experts fear loss of 'Hobbit' films
New Zealand's tourism would bear losses in millions if 'Hobbit' films are not filmed here, says a tourism expert. ANI

Sick Keira Knightley misses premiere of beau's directorial debut
Keira Knightley could not attend the premiere of her boyfriend's directorial debut in London after falling ill. ANI

Robbie Williams brands his most recent solo album 'schizophrenic'
Robbie William has labeled his most recent solo album 'schizophrenic'. ANI

Taylor Swift takes to the skies and seas for promotion of new album
'Love Story' girl Taylor Swift is taking an unconventional route for the promotion of her new music album - she has scheduled a gig at an airport, on a plane and onboard a cruise ship. ANI

Play's 'Aristotle behind Kennedy death' claim angers Onassis family
A new play, which claims that Aristotle Onassis was behind the assassination of US senator Robert Kennedy, has angered the Onassis family. ANI

Kate Moss, Pete Doherty to reunite for film?
Rumors are abuzz that ex-lovers Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are all set to reunite for a new film based on fashion. ANI

Rod Stewart put his eldest daughter up for adoption because he was broke
Rod Stewart has confessed that he was forced to put his eldest daughter for adoption, as he could not afford to raise her. ANI

Hilary Duff's tooth 'fell out' just hours before wedding
Hilary Duff has revealed that her tooth fell into her hand just hours before her wedding to hockey player Mike Comrie. ANI

Kim Kardashian declines $1m b'day cake made in her honour
Socialite Kim Kardashian was very clear about how she wanted to celebrate her 30th birthday, and it definitely did not include a 1 million dollar jewel-encrusted birthday cake baked in her honour. ANI

Russell Brand flaunts traditional Indian henna tattoo
Funnyman Russell Brand was seen sporting a traditional Indian henna tattoo when he went for a camel ride. ANI

Now, Glee's Jane Lynch poses for racy photo shoot
Following in the footsteps of co-stars Lea Michelle and Diana Agron, 'Glee' star Jane Lynch has posed for some racy photoshoot for More magazine cover. ANI

Snooki says she hasn't had sex in 3 months
'Jersey Shore' star Nicole Pollizi, a.k.a Snooki, has revealed that she has been sex deprived for at least 3 months. ANI

Liam Neeson 'to replace Mel Gibson in 'The Hangover 2'
Liam Neeson is reportedly set to replace Mel Gibson in 'The Hangover 2' cameo role. ANI

Brand, Perry keeping wedding guests busy with safari, dance, shopping
Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Indian jungle wedding festivities have begun and the couple is entertaining their guests with song and dance performances, shopping, and even an early-morning safari. ANI

LiLo's dad attacked
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has reportedly been attacked on his front drive by a white man. ANI

Sandra Bullock, Oprah Winfrey team-up for new movie
Sandra Bullock is all set to star in a new comedy movie. ANI

'Gossip Girl' star Taylor Momsen flashes boobs during NYC gig
"Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen put her pastie-covered boobs on display during a performance in Manhattan. ANI

'Glee' men offered $100k to pose for Playgirl mag
'Glee' men have reportedly been offered 100,000 dollars to pose for Playgirl magazine. ANI

2010 has been the worst year of my life: Cheryl Cole
Devastated Cheryl Cole has confessed in an interview that 2010 has been the worst year of her life. ANI

LiLo 'thinks rehab would kill her career'
Lindsay Lohan believes that rehab would kill her career, according to Probation Department documents. ANI

LiLo to remain in rehab until Jan 3
Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan will be staying in rehab until Jan 3. ANI

Arnie plans to turn to writing after leaving office
Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has plans to become an author after leaving office in January. ANI

Women find chivalrous men 'more attractive'
It would be wrong to say that chivalry is dead, for men have finally realised that chivalrous behaviour is more attractive to women. ANI

Emma Watson 'had to grit her teeth during Potter kissing scenes'
Emma Watson didn't pucker up for her kiss scenes - instead, she had to "grit her teeth" during the filming of the latest Harry Potter movie when she was called on to kiss both Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. ANI

Robert De Niro, Sly 'to play rival boxers in new movie'
Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone are rumoured to be playing rival boxers in new movie 'Grudge Match'. ANI

Brand, Perry's Indian jungle wedding 'to be raided if it disturbs wildlife'
Authorities are making sure that Russell Brand and Katy Perry's Indian jungle wedding does not disturb the animals. ANI

Men 'worry that their partner will grow up to look like their moms one day'
One would think that a man's biggest worry would be paying bills, but apparently it's not - what really troubles men is that their partner might grow up to look like their mothers. ANI

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