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Entertainment News on November 5, 2010

50 Cent tweets pictures of himself playing with half a million dollars
Rapper 50 Cent is swimming in money and to prove it he has tweeted pictures of himself playing with stacks of money said to be in the amount of half a million dollars. ANI

Mick Jagger says Keith Richards' autobiography is "a bit bitchy"
Rolling Stone member Mick Jagger has said that bandmate Keith Richards' autobiography is "a bit bitchy". ANI

Susan Boyle turns into 'Incredible Hulk' when she's mad
Scottish singer Susan Boyle has revealed that when she gets angry she turns into the Incredible Hulk. ANI

George Lazenby to pen tell-all book on his career
Actor George Lazenby will disclose all about his career in his memoir, titled The Other Fella, including how he "bluffed" his way into the James Bond role. ANI

Ryan Reynolds lands cameo in 'Sesame Street'
Actor Ryan Reynolds has landed a cameo role in the kids' show 'Sesame Street'. ANI

Rolling Stones to hit the road in 2011: Keith Richards
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has revealed that the band will tour in 2011. ANI

Jay-Z reveals his rags to riches story
Rapper Jay-Z has opened up about his rise from a crack dealer to a superstar in his autobiography, 'Decoded'. ANI

Brooke Mueller geared up to move on from Charlie Sheen
Brooke Mueller is happy to enter the next chapter of her life despite a rocky year and an impending divorce from Charlie Sheen. ANI

Sony dismisses Katherine Jackson's 'fake MJ album' claim
Sony Music has rubbished claims by Katherine Jackson and two of Michael Jackson's kids that some of the tracks on upcoming MJ album are fake. ANI

Keith Richards supported Tony Blair over Iraq invasion
While most of the world condemned Iraq attack, Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards was in favour, as he wrote a letter to then UK PM Tony Blair, backing the invasion. ANI

James Cameron blasts 'Harry Potter 'bosses over 3D 'mistake'
'Avatar' director James Cameroon is not happy with bosses of 'Harry Potter' franchise because they failed to convert latest movie into 3D after promising so. ANI

Kim Kardashian's store opening spoiled by arrests
Kim Kardashian's opening of a new clothing store in New York was marred by arrests as police struggled to control hundreds of unruly fans. ANI

Naomi Campbell denies lying under oath in perfume case
Naomi Campbell's rep has dismissed claims that the supermodel lied under oath while testifying in a legal battle with her former agent. ANI

Jake Gyllenhaal 'masturbated 4 or 5 times in 4 or 5 different movies'
Famous Hollywood celebrities have made some astonishing confessions at the New Yorker Festival over the weekend. ANI

Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz carry on filming despite chemical scare
Hollywood stars Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp continued to shoot for the latest 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' movie despite a chemical scare nearby. ANI

Zack Snyder to direct new Superman movie
Zack Snyder is set to direct the new Superman movie. ANI

James Cameron won't helm 'Cleopatra'
A month after revealing that he was in negotiations with Sony to direct 'Cleopatra', the Academy Award-winning filmmaker has confirmed that he has pulled out of the project. ANI

Freida Pinto plays coy on Dev Patel engagement speculation
It seems Freida Pinto is in no mood to give inside details about her relationship with boyfriend Dev Patel. ANI

Scarlett Johansson to play alien seductress in new flick
Scarlett Johansson is all set to play an alien seductress in a new flick 'Under the Skin'. ANI

Men aren't as strong and capable as women, says Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera thinks that men are not as strong and capable as women. ANI

Emma Watson thinks she had 'too much freedom' growing up
Emma Watson has confessed that she found her fame 'scary' at times because there were so few limits imposed on her during her adolescence. ANI

Baby Spice Emma Bunton pregnant with second child
Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton has announced that she is pregnant with her second child. ANI

Oprah Winfrey laughs off 'lesbian rumours'
Oprah Winfrey has laughed off rumours that she is involved in a lesbian relationship with her friend Gayle King. ANI

Sir Sean Connery's nude painting found among late artist's works
A nude painting of 'James Bond' star Sir Sean Connery has been found in a Scottish Borders artist's unseen collection. ANI

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