Jolie plays down sexuality
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Jolie plays down sexuality in Salt
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Jolie plays down sexuality in Salt

Angelina Jolies role of a CIA officer in her upcoming movie Salt would see her shed the sexy image, shes known for.

Sydney, July 12 : Angelina Jolie's role of a CIA officer in her upcoming movie 'Salt' would see her shed the sexy image, she's known for.

Jolie said that the role of Evelyn Salt in the turn as CIA officer Evelyn Salt in the upcoming movie Salt is one of the most unglamorous roles she has ever done.

"Females in those films rely on being female but we wanted to ignore that - she's just Salt," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Jolie as saying.

"She doesn't use her sexuality to get anything. In fact, in many ways it's the roughest I've looked because when you fight it gets ugly and if someone breaks your nose it's not pretty," she added.

The role of Evelyn Salt was originally meant to be played by a man, reportedly Tom Cruise.

"We discussed the film with Tom," director Phillip Noyce told the Total Film magazine.

"His main fears were that the character was too close to Ethan Hunt, being a rogue spy, with extraordinary abilities," he added.

"It was much harder than we thought to switch it from a male to a female because the challenges and surprises or how a man would react to a certain situation are not necessarily the same when it's a woman," said Jolie.

"For example, the original character was married and he had a child and part of the discovery at the end was that he would find love. But for a woman the discovery of love is not a deep surprise," she added.


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