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Flirting is a nice part of the job: Talk show legend Sir Michael Parkinson

December 25, 2010 - Melbourne

In an interview, TV talk show legend Sir Michael Parkinson confessed that flirting is a great part of his job.

Parkinson charmed more than 3000 interview subjects on his much-loved television show.

"Flirting is nice, I mean flirting is good, and I've flirted with some extraordinary people," quoted him as saying.

"It's a very nice part of the job and I'd rather do that than look at some ugly guy."

When asked whether he ever got a whack around the ears when he went home after making eyes at yet another stunning guest he said 'no'.

"No, no, Mary and I have been married for 51 year now, she knows the difference between the real thing and the not-so-real thing," he says.

"Some of the women were extraordinary flirts themselves, Elle acpherson, is very good, very good at it," he added.


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