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Entertainment News on December 9, 2010

MJ's new album already pirated by computer hackers
Late King of Pop Michael Jackson's highly anticipated new album, 'Michael' has already been pirated by computer hackers, and leaked on to file-sharing websites. ANI

Isabella Rossellini not impressed with Madonna's 'Sex' book
Italian actress Isabella Rossellini has revealed that she was not impressed with Madonna's infamous book 'Sex'. ANI

Why older women are invisible in Hollywood, by Helen Mirren
The reason as to why older women do not get noticed in Hollywood has been put down to the fact that the vast majority of writers are male. ANI

How to beat a hangover after that Christmas party!
After a hard night on the booze, you would do or pay just about anything to ease the headache, the nausea and the feeling as though you're as dry as the Great Sandy Desert. ANI

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson 'to sign a prenup'
It looks like singer Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson will be signing a pre-nuptial agreement. ANI

Jenny McCarthy and beau Jason Toohey call it quits
Jenny McCarthy is single again after splitting from her latest boyfriend Jason Toohey. ANI

Mariah Carey says Nick Cannon doesn't want their baby to believe in Santa
Nick Cannon wants his unborn tot to know that there is no real Santa, according to his pregnant wife Mariah Carey. ANI

Lindsay 'was conceived when Michael, Dina were high on drugs'
Lindsay Lohan's father has spilled the beans about the X-rated details of the night Lindsay was conceived. ANI

Emma Roberts wants to be Prince Harry's date for the royal wedding
Julia Roberts' niece Emma Roberts has revealed that she would love to be Prince Harry's date for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. ANI

Johnny Depp still wearing 'Pirates Of The Caribbea' teeth
'Pirates of the Caribbean' star Johnny Depp may be finding it hard to come out of his reel-life character Jack Sparrow - because he hasn't yet found a dentist to remove the false set he wore for the role. ANI

LiLo not in talks to do DWTS, says rep
A representative for Lindsay Lohan has said that the troubled starlet won't be taking part in 'Dancing with the Stars'. ANI

Donald Trump 'considering running for president'
'The Apprentice' star Donald Trump is apparently considering running for president. ANI

Celine Dion shows off her newborn twins
Celine Dion has finally unveiled her newborn twins to the world by posing for pictures in the latest issue of People magazine. ANI

Nicole Richie planning small wedding
Socialite Nicole Richie is planning a small wedding, cutting many old pals, including Paris Hilton, from the guest list. ANI

Troubled Cheryl Cole awakens her 'spiritual' side
'X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole has reportedly turned to religion after enduring her "worst ever year". ANI

Aguilera to take action against hackers for leaking semi-nude pics on net
Christina Aguilera is all set to take action against the hackers who leaked her nearly-nude pictures on the net. ANI

Robert De Niro to become a grandfather again
Actor Robert De Niro will soon become a grandfather - again. ANI

Woman who slashed Leonardo DiCaprio's face with bottle jailed for 2yrs
The woman who slashed actor Leonardo DiCaprio's face with a broken beer bottle in 2005 party has been sentenced to two years in prison. ANI

John Lennon 'didn't want to be a dead hero'
Three days before he was murdered, John Lennon said he did not want to be a "dead hero". ANI

Jim Morrison to get posthumous pardon over 'exposure' conviction
The Doors' Jim Morrison will get a posthumous pardon almost 40 years after he was convicted of exposing himself on stage during a show in Miami. ANI

Even Aussies find Oprah Winfrey's Australia quiz difficult!
Oprah Winfrey wanted to test her fans' knowledge about Australia by setting up a quiz for them, but the problem is, her questions are so difficult that even the natives had no answers. ANI

Oz store removes golliwogs from display to avoid offending Oprah
A store in Australia has removed golliwogs from its display so that they would not offend talk show host Oprah Winfrey and her guests. ANI

Gisele plays animated superhero in eco-friendly web show for kids
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has lent her likeness to the AOL Kids web video series "Gisele and the Green Team." ANI

Katy Perry wants to take her husband's name
Newly wed Katy Perry has revealed that she wants to become Mrs. Katy Brand. ANI

Tanning makes women sexier: Study
Tanning, which has been associated with skin cancer in previous studies, may have an advantage after all. It makes women look sexier, says a new study. ANI

arlon Brando behind Johnny Depp's Hollywood success
Marlon Brando played a big role in Johnny Depp's successful Hollywood career. ANI

Marlon Brando behind Johnny Depp's Hollywood success
Marlon Brando played a big role in Johnny Depp's successful Hollywood career. ANI

I'm not even kind of lesbian, says tearful Oprah Winfrey
In an emotional interview with Barbara Walters, talk show queen Oprah Winfrey dismissed rumours that she's gay. ANI

Justin Bieber's female fans hide in rubbish trucks to meet him!
In an interview, Justin Bieber has revealed that his followers - known as Beliebers -once hid in rubbish trucks in a bid to meet him. ANI

Cancer-stricken Aretha Franklin 'has less than a year to live'
'The Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, has less than a year to live, according to reports. ANI

Sizzling pics of Aguilera in various naughty costumes leaked online
A series of pics featuring Christina Aguilera in various naughty costumes have been leaked on the net. ANI

Forget feminism when it comes to your love life
Women look at feminism as a way of being equal to men - be it in politics or at work, but two authors are of the opinion that feminism has all but destroyed modern love lives. ANI

Bond girl Michelle Yeoh in talks to play Aung San Suu Kyi
Hollywood star Michelle Yeoh is apparently planning to play Aung San Suu Kyi in a film about the Burmese pro-democracy leader. ANI

Aretha Franklin 'diagnosed with pancreatic cancer'
'The Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. ANI

Liz Hurley laces it up in sheer shirt and bra combo
A sheer shirt and a bra combination doesn't seem to be the ideal outfit for an icy evening out, but Liz Hurley has no problems carrying it off whatsoever, and what's more - she knows how to do it with style. ANI

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