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Entertainment News on December 5, 2010

Peter Andre fears his fame could leave his kids open to kidnap plots
Peter Andre, who fears his fame could leave his kids open to kidnap plots, has decided to bolster security and protection for them. ANI

Cher says marriage to Sonny Bono drove her to the brink of suicide
Cher has admitted that she once considered taking her life because she was unhappy in her 10-year marriage to Sonny Bono. ANI

Jude Law, Sienna Miller to spend Christmas apart
Jude Law will spend Christmas with ex-wife Sadie Frost and their three children. ANI

Bob Marley 'blacked up with shoe polish in a bid to appear more African'
Bob Marley was so angst-ridden over his race that he used shoe polish to blacken his hair, a new book has revealed. ANI

How can you feel sexier as you get older?
Ageing is something you can't avoid, so it's better you embrace and use it to your advantage to feel sexy and young, says an expert. ANI

Jolie wants to move to Africa in the future
Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie has revealed that she would love to move to Africa in the future. ANI

Justin Bieber donates time and clothing to children's charity
Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is lending his support to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity by auctioning off a special meet-and-greet package for his 2011 concerts. ANI

Mila Kunis's dad walked out of 'Black Swan' lesbian s*x scene
Mila Kunis have revealed that her dad walked out of the cinema when he saw her in steamy lesbian s*x scenes. ANI

'Godfather' house up for sale at $2.9m
A Tudor-style home, which featured in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film 'The Godfather', is up for sale. ANI

Prisoners 'were in awe of George Michael'
Pop star George Michael apparently joked with fellow prisoners and talked footie when he was in jail. ANI

Christina Aguilera takes new man on Japan tour
It seems Christina Aguilera's rebound romance with new boyfriend Matthew Rutler has reached new heights. ANI

Cheryl Cole, Ashley heading for a reunion?
Cheryl Cole has apparently started talking to ex-husband Ashley on a daily basis, sparking rumours they could be heading for a reunion. ANI

Bursts of exercise help keep weight off during the holidays
Just because you're going out for dinner with friends or family on the weekend doesn't mean you have to gain those extra kilos. ANI

4 simple steps to write a great holiday letter
Holidays are nearing, and it's that time of the year when families get down to writing long holiday letters to their loved ones, but the invasion of Twitter and Facebook has left many clueless to the art of letter writing. ANI

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