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Entertainment News on December 23, 2010

Kat Von D tweets lovey-dovey photo with 'sweetheart' Jesse James
Tattoo artist Kat Von D has tweeted pictures of herself with Jesse James showing the two being all lovey-dovey. ANI

The Doors, family members refuse to accept Morrison pardon
Rock band The Doors and family members of late vocalist Jim Morrison have clearly said "thanks, but no thanks" to Florida officials for pardoning the singer of his indecent exposure conviction. ANI

There will be no one like my father, says Bobby Deol
Bollywood actor Bobby Deol has said that neither there is anyone as great as his father Dharamendra nor will there ever be in the future. ANI

Megan Fox is new face of Armani's mascara
Actress Megan Fox has become the new face of Giorgio Armani's 'Eyes to Kill Excess' mascara. ANI

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens will get back together, say pals
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will get back together, according to friends of the former couple. ANI

Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling getting 'chummy' on new film's set
Zac Efron has reportedly been spending a lot of time with his co-star Taylor Schilling. ANI

Madonna named 'Decade's Most Talked-About Celebrity'
Queen of pop Madonna has been named the decade's most talked-about celebrity. ANI

Pammie cried when she first posed nude for Playboy
She may come across as extremely bold, but Pamela Anderson cried and was sick when she first posed n*ked for Playboy magazine. ANI

Janet Jackson to start 2011 tour in Hong Kong
Singer Janet Jackson's 35-date 2011 world tour will start in Hong Kong. ANI

John Mayer suggests female fan 'to talk dirty to keep s*x life alive'
John Mayer, famous for his poetic, lady-killing lines, has now predicted a raunchy future for a female fan. ANI

Ricky Martin considering adoption
Ricky Martin has revealed that he wants to add to his brood by adopting another child. ANI

Kim Kardashian takes a sip of sister's br*ast milk!
Kim Kardashian shocked everyone when she took a sip of her sister's br*ast milk. ANI

Christina Aguilera's racy Burlesque routine to be probed by TV watchdog
Singer Christina Aguilera's racy Burlesque routine during 'The X Factor's' final is set to be investigated by UK broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. ANI

Is it possible for consumers to be in love with their cars, computers?
A new study has found that the way people treat their possessions looks like they are in love with them. ANI

Christina Hendricks wants to play Wonder Woman
Christina Hendricks has revealed that she would love to play Wonder Woman. ANI

Ozzy Osbourne 'sick' of Lady Gaga
Ozzy Osbourne says pop singer Lady Gaga should take a break because he is getting a bit tired of the superstar. ANI

Lara Bingle 'approached to take part in 'Dancing with the Stars'
Lara Bingle has reportedly been approached to participate in the new series of 'Dancing with the Stars'. ANI

Judge sets half million dollar bail for Uma Thurman's stalker
A judge has ruled that Uma Thurman's loopy stalker must make hefty bail of half a million dollars or stay behind bars. ANI

Julie Andrews to receive lifetime achievement Grammy award
Dame Julie Andrews will receive a lifetime achievement Grammy award for her contribution to music. ANI

Couples who delay s*x have better marriages: Study
Today it's common for couples to explore their sexual compatibility before making long-term plans together. But a new study sides with a delayed approach, in which people wait for a deep level of commitment before having s*x. ANI

How one act of splurging ends up in a vicious circle of shopping!
When you purchase something you like but which doesn't go with your decor back home, you might want to buy something more that will match with the new buy - this pattern will most probably end up in a vicious circle of shopping sprees, says a new study. ANI

It takes women just 3 minutes to make up their mind about Mr Right
Women take just 3 minutes to decide whether she likes a man or not, according to a new study. ANI

Why putting on just 3kgs could get you dumped this season!
It's just two more days for the merriment to begin and food and drinks will be aplenty, but a new survey warns that putting on just half a stone could take you from being a happy couple to a lonely single. ANI

Why you shouldn't write 'dynamic' or 'proactive' in your CV
Do you consider yourself a 'team player', 'proactive' or 'dynamic' when it comes to work? Even if you do, refrain from mentioning it in your CV, says a recent survey. ANI

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