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Kurnool is a district in Andhra Pradesh.

Kurnool Collector and other Officials list


Kurnool has one Lok Sabha and 14 Assembly constituencies.

Lok Sabha Constituency

Assembly Constituencies

Telugu Desam Party has won eight of the 14 seats in Kurnool in the 1994 elections. CPM won one seat and the remaining were won by the Congress Party.

In the 1999 election, Telugu Desam won 10 seat in Kurnool.

The trend reversed in 2004 with Congress winning 11 seats.

In 2014, heavy weight and former ministers like T G Venkatesh, E Pratap Reddy and Silpa Mohan Reddy have defected to Telugu Desam Party

Recent News

A constable of Excise and Prohibition Department, G Prasad (56), died in the excise station. Sources say that he might have suffered with a silent heart attack. Dec 26, 2012

Three persons at Remadur have been charged of rape by the rural police. A complaint was lodged with the Ulindakonda police. Jan 6, 2013

Physically-challenged persons continue their protests on the seventh day demanding enhancement of pension and quota in elected bodies. Jan 8, 2013

Six persons were arrested with the murder of Sai Eeswardu, market yard vice-chief in Kurnool. A prima facie case was established against Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy. 27 Mar 2014

In a protest over distribution of cash by other political parties, Aam Aadmi Party has distributed Re Zero notes to voters in Kurnool district. AAP Lok Sabha candidate Vissa Kirankumar and Assembly candidate Abdul Azeez Rahi distributed the zero rupee notes during a bike rally. The note carries a pledge for citizens that they would not pay or take bribe and carries a message not to fall for "vote for note" tactic of politicians. Apr 26, 2014


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