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Romantic Reality Check: Majority of American Women Not 'DAZZled' This Valentine's Day

February 22, 2017 - Tampa, Florida

The data is in and sadly Valentine's Day was a bust for a majority of women across the U.S. this year. According to a recent survey conducted by DAZZ Household Cleaners, Valentine's Day was just another Tuesday, with 62.9% of women polled reporting that they were not dazzled by their partner.

With a mere 35.1% of women reporting satisfaction with their partner's display of affection on Valentine's Day, a whopping two-thirds of American men are in need of a way to dig themselves out of the doghouse.

Key Findings of the Survey:

1. Ladies most longing for Valentine's Day dazzle live in the West:

-- Women in western states are apparently the hardest to please with 67.2%
of those polled reporting Valentine's Day displeasure

-- Southern ladies showed slightly more tolerance with 61.9% reporting a
lack of 'dazzle' on V Day, and Northeastern women proved to be most
tolerant of all with just 57.9% claiming dissatisfaction

-- America's high income earners ($100,000 - $150,000+) were reportedly the
most satisfied with 78.5% of women claiming they were 'dazzled' this
Valentine's Day

2. Women know what they want - unfortunately their men don't:

 -- Just as American women are easily decided on their Valentine's Day disappointment, they also appear resolute in their preferred gift that would have truly 'DAZZled' them this year - 'Cleaning your house (without complaining)' claimed the majority vote of 30.7%, with 'Dinner' (24.9%) and 'Flowers' (17.1%) tailing behind -- The majority of middle-aged women (35-64) showed a clear preference for a complimentary spring clean, claiming 40.5% of the vote -- The way to the hearts of America's senior ladies is apparently through their stomachs, with the majority of those aged 65+ (36.7%) choosing 'Dinner' as their preferred Valentine's gift 

3. Canadians are (Slightly) More Romantic than Americans:

 -- Canadian men narrowly take the crown as North America's most romantic (63.7%) beating out U.S. men (62.9%) by a mere 0.8% in dazzling their partners this Valentine's Day 

4. American ladies get creative with alternative romantic gestures:

 -- Other interesting user suggestions included 'a party with pink hearts', 'a boyfriend', 'a wonderful vacation', 'chocolate-covered strawberries' or simply 'money' to dazzle them on Valentine's Day 

"It's an unfortunate reality that most American men simply don't understand the importance of a meaningful romantic gesture on Valentine's Day," said David Shahan, Founder and CEO of DAZZ Cleaning Products. "We commissioned this survey on behalf of clueless men everywhere to find out exactly what women want. What we discovered was that while the classic romantic gifts - flowers, a fancy dinner, and so on - are appreciated, an alternative gesture like cleaning the house is less flashy but can be equally, if not more, meaningful to your partner."

DAZZ is aiming to create a national movement to dig dudes out of the post-Valentine's Day doghouse by offering a free sample of DAZZ cleaner to anyone willing to take on cleaning (without complaining) to make amends with their lover. Free samples of DAZZ Cleaner are available at

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