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The Trout Group to Host a "Trout Talk" Key Opinion Leader Meeting and Live Webcast on December 18 in New York City

December 15, 2015 - NEW YORK, NY

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - December 15, 2015) - The Trout Group, the leading global investor relations and strategic advisory firm servicing the life sciences industry, will host a KOL lunch and live webcast on December 18, at 12 pm ET series. A live webcast of the event will be available at

The invited speaker for this event is Dr. Dario Vignali PhD, Vice Chair and Professor of Immunology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, an eminent immunologist known for his discoveries in cytokine biology, regulatory T cell function, immunoregulation, autoimmunity and cancer immunology. Vignali will be taking any and all questions regarding his research.

Vignali's research focuses on:

Immune Regulation:

  • Regulatory T cells (Tregs): Identification of novel Treg molecules and their function; mechanism of Treg function; IL-35 signaling and mechanism of action; regulation of Treg stability via the Nrp1 pathway; biology of IL-35 and Nrp1 in cancer, mucosal immunity (particularly asthma and intestinal pathogens) and autoimmunity (particularly type 1 diabetes).
  • Inhibitory Molecules: LAG3 signaling and mechanism of action; synergy between LAG3 and other inhibitory receptors, particularly PD1; immune modulation by LAG3 and PD1 in Tumors, mucosal immunity (particularly asthma and intestinal pathogens) and autoimmunity (particularly type 1 diabetes).
  • Type 1 diabetes: In additional to the topics above: importance of TCR specificity and affinity in the diabetogenic or regulatory potential of T cells; mechanisms that regulate T cell islet entry and diabetogenicity.

T cell receptor (TCR):CD3 complex:

  • Molecular initiation and control of TCR signal transduction; role of CD3 in T cell development and function.

The talk, moderated by Trout Group scientific advisor Neil Canavan, will consist of a 45 minutes presentation by Dr. Vignali followed by 15 minutes of questions from the audience. Questions from webcast participants should be sent to The next Trout Talk in our Cancer Immunotherapy series is scheduled for January 13, 2016 in San Francisco and will feature the work of Drew Pardoll MD, PhD. Investors wishing to attend these or the future events should RSVP to

Please join Trout at our Annual 1x1 Management Access Event in San Francisco, January 11-14, 2016:

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