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Ross' Gold(TM) Provides Overview of Operations for FY 2015 and of Establishment of Brand at Retail Level

April 30, 2015 - Toronto, ON

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - April 30, 2015) - Ross' Gold™, a division of Green and Hill Industries Inc. (OTC PINK:GHIL) (the "Company"), today provided an overview of the fiscal year's operations ending April 30, 2015 including highlights of the launch of it Ross' Gold Glass™ retail line, Ross' Gold™ Hemp CBD+ consumables, European trip, Medical Cannabis Branding and Media exposure relating to earned media value.


  • Ross' Gold™ branded glassware now available in stores in Canada
  • Ross' Gold™ brand of Hemp CBD+ edibles expanding into USA market
  • Ross' Gold™ brands well received in Europe
  • Ross' Gold™ brand value continues to get high exposure and traction in media

Overall the Company has been solidifying its brand and has made great progress in the past 12 months and summarizes its business as follows:

Ross' Gold Glass™

The launch of the Ross' Gold Glass™ came in just under a year since the announcement was made. Thorough development, production and marketing were executed in a manner consistent with the "Gold Standard" to which the company adheres.

The line of premium products include water pipes, bubblers, hand pipes, pipe parts & accessories, as well as a portable vaporizer. Ross' Gold™ Glass water pipes will include a certificate of authenticity signed by Ross Rebagliati, a Canadian Tube Toque™, and a collectible Ross' Gold emblem pin. Ross' Gold™ Glass is designed, produced and distributed by West Coast Gifts under an exclusive license in Canada granted by the Company.

The Ross' Gold Glass™ line is now available in select stores in Canada as well as online exclusively at The Company's partner, West Coast Gifts, last week sent out Ross' Gold Glass™ sales brochures to 560 retail stores across Canada and is following up with a strong sales effort and continued marketing across a wide spectrum of media. The Company cannot provide estimates yet of the potential sales of the products, however, it believes that the market exists for its line based on data provided by its partners, store managers and consumers to date.

By having the Ross' Gold™ brand in brick and mortar storefront operations, the value of the brand moves from the media and internet into tangible products that are available to demographics that might not yet know the Ross Rebagliati story and franchise.

Ross' Gold Hemp CBD+

The Company announced in January 2015 that it has signed a licensing agreement with Canna Products USA (CP USA) to manufacture, distribute and sell a line of Ross' Gold™ Hemp and CBD (Cannabidiol) products to their customers through online channels and third party retail outlets in the USA. CP USA was granted a non-exclusive license in the United States to manufacture, distribute and sell Ross' Gold brands including Hemp and CBD infused products. 

The initial products available include a Hemp CBD+ Tea, the G MIST Vapor Pen and Premium Organic Roasted Hemp infused with CBD.

Ross' Gold™ Hemp Tea is being developed from an all-natural blend of handpicked herbs and botanicals that have been used by mankind for their healing purposes, for thousands of years. Ross' Gold™ Hemp Tea is infused with high quality Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) giving customers the anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial health and wellness benefits in a simple medicinal delivery system; water and tea. 

The Ross' Gold™ G MIST vapor pen is to be the world's first non-nicotine, plant based vapor oil with full spectrum cannabinoids and hemp CBD (Cannabidiol). The G MIST kit is will feature the discrete G MIST pen, terpenizer, USB charger and 2 grams of vapor oil. The Ross' Gold™ kits will come in both blueberry and fruit punch flavors, with added CBD (Cannabidiol).

Ross' Gold™ Premium Organic Roasted Hemp seeds are for the everyday health and wellness enthusiast who is looking to improve their diet through the use of natural, plant based foods. The premium organic hemp seeds are hand roasted and infused with Hemp CBD which has been touted for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant benefits.

Currently there are limited supplies of the Hemp Seeds available online at as CP USA increases its manufacturing abilities.


In March 2015, Company representatives traveled to Europe meeting with individual investors, financial institutional investors and financial analysts. The Company also met with others is the cannabis industry based in Europe on matters of business development.

Overall, the reception that was received was positive towards both the Company's business model and to legalization recreationally and medically of cannabis in Europe. The Company is in various stages of discussion with a number of parties on the investment and business development fronts, however, it should be noted that while the Company believes that there may be positive results from these discussions, it can make no guarantees of their success.

Medical Cannabis Branding:

The Company has a number of deals signed with licensed producer (LP) applicants in Canada, indirectly through a master licensee LP applicant, and is waiting on regulatory approval for said applicants. The Company believes that it will be successful in working with one or more LP's within the next fiscal year based on its belief that Health Canada will permit additional LP's as well as discussions with its master licensee LP applicant and with other LP applicants.
The Company is also in preliminary discussions with cannabis growers and distributors outside of Canada. 

Ross' Gold™ has positioned itself with the potential of becoming the first brand of cannabis in the market offering patients an easier, efficient and more trustworthy choice when selecting the strain that will best help their specific symptom or ailment.


The Company, through its CEO Ross Rebagliati, continues to build awareness in the media across North America and Western Europe. The message is two-fold in that medical cannabis should be a medical alternative and as a performance enhancer for athletics. As an example, in the past two months the Company and Ross Rebagliati have been featured on VICE Fuel with over 350,000 views on YouTube, across Canada on the Canadian Press, the National Post, CBC, CTV and multiple radio outlets. 

Ross Gold Glass™ was launched at 420 Toronto, and an entire generation of potential consumers was introduced to the brand, the products and to the franchise. 

The Company continues to work with Thunderbird Films to produce a television series, and given recent changes in content allowances in Canada by the CRTC is looking at more of an international market. It should be noted that the television project is in very early stages and there can be no guaranteed of its being funded or picked up by a distributor.

Earned Media Value

There are many types of media available to online marketers and fit into the broad categories: owned, paid, and earned media. Owned media is defined as communication channels that are within our control, such as websites, blogs, or email; while paid media refers mostly to traditional advertising. Earned media, on the other hand, is generated when content receives recognition and a following outside of traditional paid advertising, through communication channels such as social media and word of mouth.

The company has value in "Earned Media Value or Advertising Value Equivalency" which refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising, as opposed to paid media, which refers to publicity gained through advertising". This gives an approximate value for particular media coverage by equating media coverage with advertising in the same outlet and calculates how much an ad of the same size/length would cost to appear or air in the same place. 

The management produced and unaudited earned media value of the Company is in the millions of dollars per year. It is this value that helps the Company value its brand and negotiate licensing deals, which may ultimately lead into revenues.


Ross Rebagliati, CEO of Green and Hill, noted, "Last year when we realized that the granting of licenses under the MMPR in Canada was going to take longer than expected, we made moves to pivot and build out our brand in the retail and hemp consumables spaces. At the same time, we worked on positioning ourselves as being leaders in medical cannabis with extra emphasis being put on the potential to help the athlete in all of us. The Company is now in revenues through our licensees to whom we are grateful. We expect this trend to continue as we hammer away on business development, marketing and sales. It's rewarding to now see the Ross' Gold™ brand become a household name."

About Green and Hill

Green and Hill Industries Inc. is the owner of Ross' Gold™ which plans to license it established brand through partnerships including government approved producers for medical cannabis strains called Ross' Platinum, Ross' Gold, Ross' Silver and Ross' Bronze with specific THC/CBD levels for specific ailments. The Company has an established international marquee with the celebrity of Olympic Gold Medal winner Ross Rebagliati who is a spokesperson for the benefits of medical cannabis, especially as it relates to sports training, injuries, pain management and stress.

Ross' Gold™ is building its brand to be a premium hemp product line and medical cannabis label internationally. The Company has a line of Ross' Gold™ Glass retail products including glass smoking products, water pipes, bubblers, hand pipes, water pipe parts & accessories, and concentrate parts & accessories, as well as vaporizers through a licensing partnership. Ross' Gold will also be offering a wide variety of hemp CBD+ products geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle, the first now available in the USA.

Ross Rebagliati has been recently featured and continues to be featured in the media on television and print including VICE, USA Today, High Times, NBC, CBC, CNN, Yahoo Sports, Die Welt, CTV, The Toronto Star, The Denver Times, Sports Illustrated, The Pique,, The National Post, Whistler Question, NORML, Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, and more. The Company is under a pre-development contract with a major production company for a television series tentatively titled Ross' Gold.

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