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Perfect Biotics Reviewed by Healthy Nutrition -- Probiotic America's Latest Discovery Revealed

November 18, 2015 - Bayside, NY

BAYSIDE, NY--(Marketwired - November 18, 2015) - Probiotic America, one of California's leading research and development centers in the health industry, launches a new digestive and immune support product called "Perfect Biotics" that contains newly discovered strains of bacteria helpful to various health problems. It has an advanced formula to alleviate digestive issues and improve overall body health.

James Clerk from Healthy Nutrition reports their latest findings on Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America:

"Manufactured by Dr. Cary Nelson, an experienced doctor and health expert who studied Medicine at the University of California, Perfect Biotics is a gut yeast supplement that has the ability to absorb nutrients properly, fight off infections and develop healthy digestion," reports James.

When asked about the functions of Perfect Biotics, Dr. Cary explained, "There are two types of bacteria found in the digestive tract, harmful bacteria and useful bacteria. Consumption of unhygienic food takes the harmful bacteria with it into the stomach, increasing the harmful bacteria more than the useful ones, causing various health problems. Perfect Biotics hinders the progress of harmful bacteria that damage the internal functions of the body, while instilling and triggering useful bacteria that not only exterminate the damaging bacteria but also boost gut flora for better gastric health."

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"It's a supplement that deals with gastro issues like indigestion, bloating, chronic diarrhea, chronic bad breath, constipation, excess intestinal gas and too little or no intestinal gas, unusual abdominal pain due to overeating or any other digestive discomforts. It also helps in overcoming unhealthy food habits of people that consume artificial sweeteners, processed foods and harmful ingredients in modern diets. They cause gastrointestinal reactions that affect the overall body health," he further explained.

James Clerk reports, "Perfect Biotics is a mixture of useful strains of bacteria that fight against harmful bacteria. One bottle of Perfect Biotics contains acid and bile resistant strains, 15 probiotic strains that give maximum security to the entire digestive system and 30 billion CFU -- all these substances make a perfect mixture of probiotics to help ease digestive problems. The unique 14 strains cater to different issues related to the immune system, protecting kidney stones, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, flushing out harmful toxins and tackling digestive discomfort. The health experts of 'Probiotic America' have made sure that the supplements don't cause any side-effects. Since the ingredients are totally natural, the supplement is completely safe and reliable."

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"Perfect Biotics infuses beneficial bacteria into the gut of the people with digestive imbalances; one capsule helps increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the stomach, providing energy and improving a person's ability to absorb minerals, fats and vitamins," states Clerk.

Dr. Cary Nelson also revealed that digestive system disturbances could be a side-effect of some heavy medicines people take. Most of the indigestion cases he has dealt with, in which people suffer from vomiting and loose motion right after they eat something unacceptable by their gut, are actually the after-effects of some medicines they take for other health issues. Keeping this in mind, Perfect Biotics was made to overcome every such issue that cause disturbances in the abdomen.

Taking one high potency capsule (139mg) of Perfect Biotics everyday can help the stomach work normally, keeping health on the run. A good digestive system is the reason a body has healthy skin, hair and nails as well. Drinking lots of water also helps keep the digestive system strong. Two glasses of water with Perfect Biotics can help fix the digestive system safe and fast.

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"Probiotic America calls Perfect Biotics an industry-best guaranteed product that has the ability of fast maintenance of digestive system and improvement in the immune system. It has no side-effects because these are natural probiotics and can be taken on a daily basis, preferably in the morning," reports Clerk.

Probiotic America offers amazing prices on packages of Perfect Biotics. With 40% discount on one bottle, 50% on two and 50% on three, the company also offers 100% satisfaction for their customers with a 90-day money back guarantee on all of their products. For more information, contact their customer support service or visit their official website.


Probiotic America is a California-based health research and development center that aims to provide people with the best probiotic supplements. The company's purpose is to provide awareness, educate people about the probiotics and their need in the human body, and present solutions for a better health by spreading the word about the health benefits of probiotics.

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