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Lantau Fiesta 2015 - Lantau Adventure: Discover More Than 10 Best of Hong Kong Wonders in One Go

October 20, 2015 - Hong Kong, China

As Asia's world city, Hong Kong is not just a place for shopping, but there are plenty of exciting tourist and beautiful nature waiting for tourists to discover. A case in point is Lantau. With its unique island charm and idyllic vista, Lantau is a land that boasts some of the best of best in Hong Kong, there are many gems waiting to be discovered, and which will give visitors a brand new travel experience. With this in mind, Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA) is proudly presenting Hong Kong with Lantau Fiesta 2015 - Lantau Adventure, features a plethora of authentic cultural experiences on Lantau, covering more than 10 unrivalled wonders and various exciting seasonal events. Both tourists and locals will relish this adventurous ride through the outlying island.

Lantau - an Island with Many Best of the Best in Hong Kong
A launching ceremony was held today at Auberge Discovery Bay to preview Lantau Fiesta 2015 - Lantau Adventure, jointly organised by several Lantau-based enterprises and local groups with a view to highlighting Lantau's wonders and local culture. Dr Stella Kwan, the Chairwoman of LaDA Tourism Taskforce and Managing Director of Ngong Ping 360, said: "Lantau is a treasure troves of tourist and beautiful nature. It houses numerous facilities and features that are unique and best of the best in Hong Kong. It is an island with great development potential. With this in mind, LaDA members have joined forces to present more than 10 of the Hong Kong's prominent features under the theme of Lantau Adventure, taking into account the natural resources and distinctive local culture of the island. We will roll out a series of exciting events to highlight Lantau's energy and charm, with the aim of giving travellers a variety of travel experiences."

Though an outlying island away from the urban areas, Lantau account for more than 10 best wonders of Hong Kong. They include The Big Buddha, the largest seated, outdoor bronze Buddha; Discovery Bay, a resort-style residential community with a marked Southern European style; Hong Kong Disneyland, which is designed to bring visitors the most unforgettable theme park experience; Ngong Ping 360, the longest bi-cable ropeway and the most amazing cable car experience; Tai O Heritage Hotel, a heritage hotel with the greatest potential for sustainable development; and Tai O Water Marriage, the most authentic water village wedding tradition.

Dr Kwan added: "LaDA's members hope that visitors to Lantau -- whether they are locals or tourists and regardless of their age -- will get to discover the many wonders of Hong Kong in one go. We hope they will appreciate its unique facilities and features, as well as the different face of Hong Kong as a metropolitan. All these are what make Lantau a special tourist destination."

Today, the transport network linking Lantau to the urban areas of Hong Kong continues to expand. The island is also connected with Macau and mainland China via SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport. All these, together with Hong Kong's various best-of-the-best wonders, are set to make the island the "it" place to visit.

Endless Fun - 4th Quarter Events
Apart from the best-of-the-best wonders on Lantau, the launching ceremony also unveiled a host of large-scale events that will take place in various interesting parts of Lantau in the fourth quarter. From November onwards, LaDA members will roll out various programmes, including the Tai O Heritage Hotel Open Day, 'A Taste of Tai O' Food Expo 2015, Tai O Water Wedding 2015, Ip Man Experience Hall at Ngong Ping 360, Ngong Ping 360 Winter Programmes, Christmas lighting @ D'Deck Discovery Bay, the Discovery Bay Sunday Market, celebration of the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland and a series of Christmas events. Meanwhile, AsiaWorld-Expo will bring to Hong Kong a thrilling series of entertainment events: renowned Japanese singer Koji Tamaki and Korean pop group CNBLUE will respectively give a concert; Cirque Adrenaline will give several jaw-dropping acrobatic performances. As the biggest outlying island in Hong Kong, Lantau has culture, nature and entertainment to offer. There is something for everyone, and everyone is guaranteed lots of joy and fun.

About Lantau Development Alliance
Lantau Development Alliance was founded by 10 enterprises and local groups on Lantau, including AsiaWorld-Expo, Global Sources, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Dragages Hong Kong, Federation of Parent Teacher Associations of Islands District, Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong Resort, Ngong Ping 360, Shun Tak-China Travel Ship and Sunny Social Enterprise. A number of other enterprises and groups have also joined LaDA.

Photo Caption
Photo 1: (Second left on second row; from left to right) Ms Camellia So, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Smart Advisory Vice President; Mr Vincent Chua, Assistant General Manager of City Management & Transportation of Hong Kong Resort (Discovery Bay); Dr Stella Kwan, Chairwoman, Tourism Committee of LaDA and Managing Director of Ngong Ping 360; Mr Alec Chan, Senior Manager (Trade Development) of Hong Kong Tourism Board; Mr Eddie LK Lee, Assistant Commissioner for Tourism (Special Duty) of Tourism Commission; Mr Lau Hak-wah, Chairman of Lantau Development Alliance and Chief Operating Officer & Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer of AsiaWorld-Expo; Ms Connie Hon, Director of Government Relations of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort; Ms Chau Chuen-heung, Director of Sunny Social Enterprises; Mr Frankie Lui, General Manager of Tai O Heritage Hotel; Mr Y.T. Li, Land Projects Director of Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Ltd.

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Appendix 1: Best-of-the-Best Hong Kong on Lantau
There's something for everyone!

------------- -------------- -----------------------------------------------
Cultural Hong Kong's Known as the Oriental Venice, Tai O is a famous
highlights most famous fishing village that preserves many of its
fishing original features, the most unique of which are
village: the stilt houses, which are set on sturdy
Tai O, the wooden stilts and are the residences of local
Oriental fishermen. Set against the beautiful nature of
Venice Lantau, the houses make a unique spectacle of
the fishing village.
-------------- -----------------------------------------------
A heritage Tai O Heritage Hotel is a prized example of the
hotel with the melange of Eastern and Western architectural
greatest features of the 19th century. Formerly the Tai
potential for O Police Station, the complex has been restored
sustainable and original features of the police station,
development including the cannons, searchlight and guard
Tai O Heritage towers, have been well preserved. Tai O
Hotel Lookout, the glass-roofed restaurant on the top
floor, serves Chinese and Western dishes that
are made with local ingredients and carry a Tai
O touch.
-------------- -----------------------------------------------
The most As a unique fishing village, Tai O has its own
authentic "water wedding" tradition, which is one and
water village only in Hong Kong. On the wedding day, red
wedding lanterns are raised on a sampan loaded with
tradition heaps of wedding gifts. The groom will ride on
Tai O Water one of the boats to fetch the bride. The
Wedding couple, adorned with gold ornaments and clad in
red wedding attire, is cheered on by fellow
villagers to the sound of uplifting music.
-------------- -----------------------------------------------
The largest The world-renowned seated, outdoor bronze
seated, Buddha sits on a three-storey pedestal. With a
outdoor bronze height of 34 metres, the grand structure weighs
Buddha: over 250 tonnes and took 12 years to complete.
The Big Buddha Visitors can visit the Remembrance Hall (紀念堂),
which houses the Buddha's relics (舍利子), the
most sacred item of in Buddhism.
------------- -------------- -----------------------------------------------
Entertainment The venue with Opened in December 2005, AsiaWorld-Expo is a
and leisure the largest world-class venue for holding exhibitions,
indoor column- conventions and special events. With a rental
free banquet floor area of more than 70,000 m², it is an
hall: ideal place for hosting all sorts of
AsiaWorld-Expo EXPOtainment activities.
-------------- -----------------------------------------------
A resort style A car-free, green community, Discovery Bay is
residential marked by a continental European atmosphere.
community with With a vast array of leisure facilities and
a Southern features, including open-air plazas, parks, a
European beach and an extensive green area, visitors get
touch: to see a tranquil side of Hong Kong. There are
Discovery Bay also a variety of restaurants, seaside hotels
and even horse-drawn carriages. Couples who
come to Discovery Bay for a romantic holiday
and families for a lovely bonding time are all
guaranteed a pleasant, relaxing experience,
Southern European style.
-------------- -----------------------------------------------
The most With boundless creativity, Hong Kong Disneyland
Unforgettable strives to connect visitors with their
Theme Park favourite Disney characters through a host of
Experience: entertainment facilities, performances,
Hong Kong seasonal programmes, merchandise and
Disneyland restaurants. It is a place that stretches
people's imagination, giving everyone plenty of
happy and unforgettable memories.
------------- -------------- -----------------------------------------------
Beautiful The longest Ngong Ping Cable Car connects Lantau with the
nature bi-cable city centre of Tung Chung and Ngong Ping.
ropeway and Running 5.7 kilometres long, it is the longest
the most bi-cable ropeway in Asia. During the pleasant
amazing cable 25-minute journey, travellers can take in the
car stunning view of the South China Sea as well as
experience: the panoramic views of the Lantau North Country
Ngong Ping 360 Park. Ngong Ping 360 was also selected as one
of the "Cable cars: 10 amazing rides around the
world" in June 2014 by The Daily Telegraph UK
and named as amongst "10 of the world's most
amazing cable car experiences" by USA
in February 2015.
-------------- -----------------------------------------------
Waters with White dolphins are often spotted in the western
the most part of Tai O and the outer part of Hau Hoi
Chinese White Wan. Generally friendly to humans, the mammals
Dolphins: were born with deep grey skin, which gradually
Western Lantau turns pink-ish as they grow up.
and Tai O
-------------- -----------------------------------------------
The Longest The longest beach in Hong Kong, Upper Cheung
beach in Hong Sha Beach is located in southern Lantau and is
Kong: Upper adjacent to Tong Fuk Beach in western Lantau.
Cheung Sha
------------- -------------- -----------------------------------------------

Appendix 2: Fourth Quarter events on Lantau run by LaDA

---------- ----------------------------------------------------- ----------- Organiser Event Date---------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------AsiaWorld- Koji Tamaki Premium Symphonic Concert 13 Nov 15Expo ----------------------------------------------------- ----------- 2015 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] IN HONG KONG 21 & 22 Nov 15 ----------------------------------------------------- ----------- THE CLUB PROUDLY PRESENTS CIRQUE ADRENALINE 22 Dec 15 - Direct from a sell-out season at Sydney House. Cirque 3 Jan 16 Adrenaline is a heart-pounding show featuring the world's most dangerous and death-defying circus acts - guaranteed to pump a million gallons of adrenaline at every performance!---------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------Discovery Discovery Bay Sunday Market 8 & 29 NovBay In this unique open-air market, you will find a 15; 13 Dec plethora of fine handmade works of local artists and 15 designers. Modelled on European flea markets, it is a place for busy urban dwellers to take it slow and enjoy the pleasure of treasure-hunting. Entry is free so don't miss it! ----------------------------------------------------- ----------- Discovery Bay Twinkling Christmas 20 Nov 15 - Discovery Bay will be transformed into a splendid 3 Jan 16 party venue, where colourful Christmas lights will keep up the Christmas spirit. The waterfront promenade by the seaside restaurants will turn into a romantic time capsule where you can enjoy a candle- lit dinner with your loved one.---------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------Hong Kong Disney's Sparkling Christmas 12 Nov 15 -Disneyland 3 Jan 16 ----------------------------------------------------- ----------- Happy Ever After: 10th Anniversary Celebration Starting from mid- November---------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------Ngong Ping Stage 360 - Ip Man Experience Hall 27 Nov 15 -360 Launched in late November, Ip Man Experience Hall is 31 Jan 16 a collaboration with the new film Ip Man 3. It features selected scenes in the film, costumes of the main casts and a range of paraphernalia. A mobile app created with the cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology has also been created. Guests will be able to make free downloads and enter the Ip Man 3 movie world to have some interactive fun. ----------------------------------------------------- ----------- Ngong Ping 360 Winter Programmes 3 Dec 15 - This winter, Ngong Ping 360 will proudly presents a 8 Mar 16 wide array of exciting events and performances. Come join us for some winter fun - and to enjoy the natural beauty of Lantau.---------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------Tai O Tai O Heritage Hotel Open Day 2015 7 & 8 NovHeritage Tai O Heritage Hotel, a former police station that 15Hotel has been revitalised and turned into a boutique hotel, will be open to public on 7 and 8 November. ----------------------------------------------------- 'A Taste of Tai O'' Food Expo 2015 On the Tai O Heritage Hotel Open Day, this food expo invites visitors to the streets and alleys of Tai O to get a taste of various delicacies originating from the Tai O fishing village.---------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------Tai O Tai O Water Wedding 2015 6 Dec 15Rural Visitors will get a flavour of the fishing villageCommittee culture in this parade, where a sampan will sail around stilt houses of the fishing village. The festive and boisterous atmosphere of a traditional water wedding will be reenacted.---------- ----------------------------------------------------- -----------

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