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DOSarrest Rolls Out Cloud Based Layer 7 Load Balancing


DOSarrest has begun offering a Cloud based Layer 7 local and global Load balancing solution to its DDoS protection services customer base. The Load balancing service is a fully managed solution, whereby customers can create pools of servers; a pool can be 1 or many servers and can be located in multiple locations. Load balancing types available include: Round Robin, IP Hash, least connections, weighted.

Other options include:

-- By Domain or Host Header, allows customers to direct our servers to
pick-up and cache content based on the domain name or host header that
is being requested by the visitor.

-- By Resource, allows customers to direct our servers to pick-up and cache
content based on the resource being requested by the visitor. goes to one server(s) goes to another
server(s) and/or location.

The load balancing solution also can be used as Active/Active -All servers are is use Or Active/Passive -some servers are only used when one or more have a failure. Health checks are all part of the service to determine if a particular server or instance is active or not.

Jag Bains, CTO at DOSarrest comments "I used to be in the hosting game and when I see the advantages of our cloud based solution over a hardware based solution, this is definitely the way to go." Bains also adds "There is no capital required, no technical expertise is needed, no single point of failure, it's able to handle 100's of millions of requests and can be setup in 5 that."

General Manager at DOSarrest, Mark Teolis states "It's a natural add-on to our DDoS protection services, which already incorporates extensive caching of customers content, this way customers can leverage any combination and location of VPS's, Instances, private cloud and dedicated servers. I can't see why anyone would want to buy or manage a Load balancing device again, it just doesn't make sense anymore."

Details on this service can be found here:

About DOSarrest Internet Security:

DOSarrest founded in 2007 in Vancouver, BC, Canada is one of only a couple of companies worldwide to specialize in only cloud based DDoS protection services. Their global client base includes mission critical ecommerce websites in a wide range of business segments including financial, health, media, education and government. Their innovative systems, software and exceptional service have been leading edge for over 7 years now.

More information at

Media Contact: DOSarrest
Jenny Wong
Customer Relations Manager
Toll free CAD/US 1-888-818-1344 ext. 205
UK Freephone 0800-016-3099 ext. 205


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