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Chicago Surgeons Highlight Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer Patients

December 3, 2014 - Chicago, IL

An estimated 232,670 women in the United States are expected to be newly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2014. In an effort to help treat newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, the surgeons at Suburban Surgical Care Specialists/Kane Center (SSCS) in Chicago offer a minimally invasive breast surgery procedure known as the sentinel lymph node biopsy.

According to a recent blog post on the practice's website, "'Sentinel lymph node' is the name given to the first lymph node(s) cancer cells move to when spreading through the lymphatic system." Dr. Paul Guske, a surgeon at SSCS, says the sentinel lymph node biopsy procedure is used to locate the patient's sentinel node to determine if the breast cancer has spread from the original site of the tumor. In the case of breast cancer, he notes that the sentinel node(s) will typically be one or more of the patient's axillary lymph nodes located beneath the arms.

During the procedure, Dr. Guske says a specialized dye is first injected into the breast near the tumor. The operating surgeon then makes an incision underneath the arm and locates any lymph nodes that have taken up the dye. Once identified, these sentinel nodes are then removed to be examined for signs of cancer. If tests results show no indication of cancer cells in the sentinel lymph nodes, Dr. Guske notes it is very likely the cancer has not spread away from the breast. If results reveal cancer cells are present, however, further surgery or testing may be necessary to determine how far the cancer has spread throughout the body.

Though sentinel lymph node biopsy can be an excellent option for many newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, Dr. Guske states that the most appropriate treatment plan will vary on a case by case basis. When diagnosed with breast cancer, the team at SSCS recommends patients consult with an experienced and qualified team of physicians to determine the most effective course of action for their unique needs.

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