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Xzilon Says F&I, Sales Both Important for Ensuring Happy Auto Customers

June 17, 2013 - NEW YORK, NY

According to the professionals at Xzilon, one of the secrets to ensuring happy customers is for auto dealerships to make sure that their sales and F&I divisions spend plenty of time communicating with one another. Xzilon is hardly alone in thinking so. The company points to a recent story from Auto News, which begins with the premise that "good communication between sales and finance staff cannot be overstated." Xzilon has responded to this article with a new comment to the press.

"As part of our regular training process, Xzilon recommends that dealers include the sales people as part of the process for selling F&I products," notes the company, in its press statement. "Xzilon does not advocate that the sales people sell F&I products; however, they can play a vital role in gathering information and communicating it to the F&I department prior to their presentation to the customer."

As for the Auto News article, it begins with an anecdote about a Facebook chat, shared by several auto F&I dealers. In this chat, the F&I pros noted that many consumers complain to the dealership manager that the F&I representative behaved rudely, when the F&I representative believed to have established a strong and positive rapport with the customer. In fact, many of the F&I representatives involved in this Facebook chat noted that they has calmly and politely shared information about the dealership's offerings with the potential client, and in some cases even shared a few laughs -- only to have the client complain to the manager, minutes later and seemingly at random.

There are only a few possible explanations for this disconnect, the article notes. One is that "an F&I manager might actually have been rude or a customer might have been a flake. But the driving reason has to be miscommunication -- and not just between the F&I manager and the customer."

Indeed, the biggest factor of all, the article says, is the possible lack of communication between the sales team and the F&I team. When a sales member fails to properly communicate to the F&I manager about the customer's personality, lifestyle, and needs, it can lead to feelings of disconnectedness between the customer and the F&I manager.

As such, the article continues, many dealerships have changed the ways in which their salespeople transition customers from the showroom to the F&I presentation. These dealerships believe they can boost their F&I sales by having the F&I representative tailor product and service offerings to meet the specific needs or preferences of the client.

In order to make such a strategy work, Auto News concludes, the F&I manager must have some reliable information about the customer in question, provided to him or her before the F&I presentation begins. This is what makes communication between the two departments so essential.

Xzilon is a company that advocates for strong F&I initiatives within auto dealerships. Xzilon is also known as a leading manufacturer of protective coating products, both for automobiles and for airplanes.


Xzilon is a company that proudly manufactures protective coating products, designed to keep automobiles and airplanes safe, lustrous, and looking brand new. The company provides its products to dealers and auto retailers across the country. Additionally, Xzilon is pleased to lead its industry in the manufacturing of "green" products. Ultimately, Xzilon is zealous to provide auto owners with the most reliable vehicle protection products on the market.


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