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Xirrus Arrays Equip The Paideia School for Rapid Adoption of iPads and Wi-Fi-Enabled Educational Applications

April 9, 2013 - Thousand Oaks, CA

Xirrus®, the leader in high-performance wireless networks, today announced that The Paideia School, a K-12 school located in Atlanta, has completed the deployment of Xirrus Wireless Arrays providing campus-wide wireless coverage. The school deployed Xirrus to provide dependable Wi-Fi services and application quality-of-service as it set out on an extensive pilot project for iPad-based learning.

During the 2011-2012 school year, Paideia issued iPads to selected teachers throughout the school and to participating students in grades 7-12. Building on the success of the initial pilot, additional elementary and junior high school classes were later supplied with iPads. Today, staff and students use more than 400 iPads, and another 200 are slated for introduction in 2014.

School officials report that the Xirrus Arrays solved not only the bandwidth challenges created by the influx of new high-bandwidth devices, but also the challenges of providing wireless service to 14 buildings on a 16-acre campus. "If I didn't have Xirrus, I don't know what I would do; but I do know that every classroom would have to be equipped with one or more APs," said Brian Meeks, senior system administrator at Paideia. "Xirrus Arrays provide complete coverage and also significantly reduce network complexity and cost."

Scalability Is Paramount

With the growing use of iPads, Paideia officials found that Xirrus Arrays provided the scalability that the school would need as the student body grew and iPads were adopted for an increasing number of learning modules. The school also gives students considerable freedom to adopt iPad apps for use in the classroom. "Many forces are at work at Paideia to stimulate new modes of learning," added Meeks. "Not only are students driving technology adoption, but iPads are increasingly being integrated into existing and new curricula. Wi-Fi dependability is paramount, and Xirrus Arrays provide that scalability even when the network is under heavy application load."

Xirrus Arrays scale not only through the addition of new radios -- a process that takes only minutes for each Array and requires no software updates. Xirrus Arrays are also designed to be forward-compatible with proposed new wireless protocols, including 802.11ac.

With scalable Wi-Fi in place, school officials also plan to develop a mobility-management plan that will leverage Xirrus network architecture. Officials also plan to adopt best practices for bandwidth allocation and management, and will be considering the deployment of Xirrus' recently introduced Application Control software (see

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