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Worldwide Vision Raleigh Highlights Value of Face-to-Face Marketing in Digital Age

March 5, 2013 - Raleigh, NC

Although many in the business world have begun to realize the full potential of online marketing in today's digital society, a recent report from The Globe and Mail suggests that companies are losing sight of the benefits of in-person marketing. According to the article, face-to-face marketing is still incredibly relevant when it comes to the development of professional relationships. It states, "While something can be said for the efficiency of online marketing, in-person events, whether a breakfast meeting in a hotel room or a seminar in a large boardroom, have an important place in your marketing plans." As a marketing firm specializing in face-to-face strategies, Worldwide Vision Raleigh comments on the benefit that this personal approach can have -- especially in relation to the long-term success of a business.

In face of modern challenges, Worldwide Vision Raleigh has maintained a focus on the importance of communicating directly with the consumer. While these efforts may seem more expensive or exhaustive, Worldwide Vision Raleigh and its clients have witnessed great success through the use of in-store events. According to the article, such events are critical in building rapport with consumers and establishing a brand. The article suggests, "Social networking, search engine optimization and content marketing...are all there for [businesses] to build...virtual rapport, get found and educate targeted prospects who may not be familiar with [the] company, products or services. When you add in-person events to the mix, you have an opportunity to take those introductory engagement points to the next level by meeting face-to-face. Rapport is better built in person."

Although it is suggested that consumers may have a better time comprehending a product or service through face-to-face efforts, Worldwide Vision Raleigh explains that in-store events also lay the foundation for a positive and long-lasting relationship with the customer. The firm notes that although in-store marketing may not seem like a fairly common approach in today's digitally-consumed world, those who are used to online marketing often respond with fresh enthusiasm to the organic nature of conversation that occurs during an in-person event.

Encouraging greater recognition of these personal marketing tactics, Worldwide Vision Raleigh concludes in a recent press statement, "Our company has built its foundation on face-to-face marketing and our clients have only improved over the years. At the end of the day there is something to be said for standing in front of someone and having a conversation. A person can lift your spirits and answer questions that cannot always be answered in a timely manner online."


Worldwide Vision Raleigh is a marketing firm that specializes in new client acquisitions through face-to-face, in-store promotions on behalf of its clients' products and services. The company was founded in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina, to work primarily for local businesses and entertainers. Today, the company has expanded to include several regional offices throughout the country, and maintains a tier-1 client list that includes nationally recognized electronics, entertainment and home improvement brands. Worldwide Vision Raleigh is also noted for its employee benefits programs and career development strategies.


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