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Warren Melamed: New ADA Book Offers Guide for Dental Office Design

March 6, 2013 - Nashville, TN

As a professional that has served in the dental industry for more than four decades, Warren Melamed explains that he has witnessed a great deal of changes in the way practitioners have approached office design. According to Melamed, the continuous enhancement of dental office design has offered the industry a wide array of benefits that include improved safety, better resources for care and enhanced cost-efficiency. According to a recent report from Dentistry IQ, the ADA has recently published a book to address new transitions in dental office design, allowing professionals to optimize the resources they can offer patients.

Warren Melamed explains that the new ADA Practical Guide to Dental Office Design is one that all modern dentists should examine, as it offers a comprehensive look at a wide variety of solutions for today's practices. Specifically, Dentistry IQ notes that the publication "offers advice on architecture, interior design, ergonomics, environmental best practices and much more from top dental design professionals who understand the unique needs of a dental office." In addition, the guide features resourceful visual elements, as it is "filled with more than 100 full-color photographs" to showcase design options.

According to Warren Melamed, the recent ADA publication is an important step in the evolution of dental office design -- one that offers a rich history. Melamed explains, "The introduction of 'Sit Down' dentistry -- a radical change in the way dentists performed treatment -- started the changes seen in the modern 'dental operatory.' In addition to those historical influences, it is important to note how the advent of blood-borne pathogens in 1992 caused another wave of change in operatory design. Specifically, it impacted the design of sterilization areas to ensure compliance with the statute and the protection of patients, dental staff and dental professionals."

In addition to improved customer satisfaction and overall safety, Melamed notes that the latest developments in office design can promote greater economic benefits to practitioners. As a professional who has led courses focused on the economics of dentistry, Melamed encourages all modern dentists to fully investigate the new approaches highlighted in the new ADA guide. Warren Melamed concludes, "The latest publication by the American Dental Association, with over 100 photos and designs, shows the variety and successful designs that can be achieved in today's workplace."


Warren Melamed is a noted dental professional who is known for his work as the CEO and President of Oral Health Management -- a Tennessee-based LLC. He is also recognized for founding Monarch Dental in Dallas, Texas -- an organization that went public in 1997 and allowed Melamed to take on several roles as Chairman, President and Chief Dental Officer. Although Warren Melamed has made considerable contributions to the health and dental care industry, he is also noted for maintaining charity as a priority and has made numerous efforts to give back to the community through various capacities.


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