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Warren Melamed Encourages Observation of Gum Disease Awareness Month

March 5, 2013 - Nashville, TN

Today, many Americans are aware of the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene to prevent the development of cavities and other tooth-related conditions. However, noted dental professional, Warren Melamed explains that there is still a pressing need for all citizens to learn about gum disease and its prevention. According to a recent article from Dentistry Today, February is the perfect time for individuals to learn about the condition, as it regarded by many as Gum Disease Awareness Month. The article explains, "The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD) has declared war on gum disease in an effort to bring public attention to the overwhelming number of Americans with untreated periodontitis who are also at risk for serious health conditions that have been linked to the disease, including heart disease, stroke, some cancers and stillbirths."

Given the numerous health conditions that bear connection to gum disease, Warren Melamed notes that it is important for patients to understand that dental health is not just an area that pertains to the oral cavity -- it is one that impacts the entire body. According to Dentistry Today, this growing awareness about the severity of gum disease has encouraged, "governors of 19 states [to issue] official proclamations to support statewide Gum Disease Awareness observances."

Although the article notes that grassroots efforts are continuing in order to strengthen public support of Gum Disease Awareness month, Warren Melamed notes that periodontitis is an issue that patients can learn about and address any time of the year. He explains that while the wide variety of health issues that are linked to gum disease are concerning, there are solutions to treat the problem.

For example, all the dental practices that Warren Melamed manages are equipped with dental lasers for the treatment of periodontal disease. Melamed states, "This is the latest technology to combat this disease in the 80 percent of Americans who, according to the American Association of Periodontists, suffer from this disease." In hopes to reduce these numbers across the United States, Warren Melamed encourages all individuals to discuss gum disease and treatment options with a trusted dental profession. He also urges the public to learn more about periodontitis by visiting


Warren Melamed is a noted dental professional who is known for his work as the CEO and President of Oral Health Management -- a Tennessee-based LLC. He is also recognized for founding Monarch Dental in Dallas, Texas -- an organization that went public in 1997 and allowed Melamed to take on several roles as Chairman, President and Chief Dental Officer. Although Warren Melamed has made considerable contributions to the health and dental care industry, he is also noted for maintaining charity as a priority and has made numerous efforts to give back to the community through various capacities.


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