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Vasseti Launched Global IP Transit Services

April 9, 2013 - Singapore

Vasseti (UK) Plc (FRANKFURT: 1VS), through its regional telecommunication divisions, launched its global IP-Transit services for service providers based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Mr. Sayed Mustafa Ali, Chief Technology Officer, reports, "The services are in the pilot phase and our commercial offer to the wholesale market will start next month. We have started taking orders and our IP Transit services include direct peering with other global players such as Reliance, NTT, Hurricane, Bharti, Tata, Cable & Wireless, and Starhub and to global content aggregators such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Akamai."

Mr. Sayed Mustafa elaborated that the company will offer both ipV4 and ipV6 flavours in its IP Transit offering and will be one of the most competitive providers in the region. "We can leverage our own domestic networks that are present in the region, it will be a win-win situation for the service providers and end users." Vasseti has spent a considerable amount of resources on R&D to ensure its telco subsidiaries at least meet if not exceed global customer expectations. "Apart from traditional IPT and IPLC service offerings, we can support customer needs including Global Routing Optimization, Routing Customization and Traffic Engineering," he added.

Vasseti has embarked on a vision to become a leading regional terrestrial fibre optic telecommunication infrastructure player over the next few years. The key strategy is its flagship Vasseti South Asia Network ("VSAN") which will have over 30,000 kms of fibre optic network through more than a dozen countries in South Asia.

"We have put forth a great effort and we will continue investing to realise the VSAN which will connect three of the most populous countries in the world -- which are among the least connected regions in the world. Over time, this region will drive one of the fastest growths in the global telecommunication markets," said Mr. Ranjeet S. Sidhu, President of Vasseti (UK) Plc.

About Vasseti

Vasseti (UK) Plc ("Vasseti") is a large, diversified conglomerate based in Kuala Lumpur. It is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ("FSE") trading under the Symbol 1VS:GR and is fully reporting on the FSE Entry Standard. It is an investment holding company with business interests in the field of network telecommunications, information technology and real estate.



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