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United Reservation Services Exposes Top Travel Scams for this Holiday Season

November 22, 2013 - London

United Reservation Services wants travelers to be safe while traveling this holiday season, and so they have constructed a guide as to how to best avoid travel scams.

Los Angeles, California -- United Reservation Services knows how important vacations are to people who live incredibly busy and hectic day-to-day lives. A vacation is a time to let go, and relax both physically and mentally. The last thing a traveler wants from a vacation is more stress. Unfortunately, there are criminals out there who specifically target travelers, and have the potential to financially rip-off the unaware target. These criminals are very good at deception, and even the most careful traveler can fall victim to a travel scam. The best defense against these scams is to simply be aware of their existence.

United Reservation Services is alerting travelers to be very cautious when giving out financial information over the telephone. One of the most common ways that criminals gain access to a person's financial accounts is by deceiving the individual into thinking that they are actually a representative from a travel agency, or other legitimate business. The criminal might find just enough personal information from the victim's public social media profiles, to sound like they are looking over the victim's file. This danger should also be taken into consideration whenever social media is being used, as users may accidently post personal information for the public to see.

Sometimes criminals take a more aggressive attitude with the bogus representative scheme, and will end up harassing the target, pressuring them into giving up personal information, stating that there was a system error and they will lose membership or a membership perk, if they do not verify their information over the phone. If this occurs, United Reservation Services recommends that the individual hang-up the phone call, and look up the official telephone number for the business that the caller allegedly represents. If the claim is legitimate, the business will have a record of the call going out. If not, then it was certainly a criminal attempting to steal information.

As mentioned earlier, United Reservation Services suggests that people planning a vacation refrain from posting their vacation plans to public social media accounts. Ideally, refrain from posting them to begin with. The logic behind this suggestion is that if, say, a Facebook friend's account gets broken into by a criminal that figured out the password, that criminal will then see where the traveler posted that they were away on vacation. Now a criminal knows that the person likely isn't home, and break-ins may occur. Refrain from posting vacation photos until the vacation has ended, and everyone is back home.

United Reservation Services hopes that these tips and suggestions better equip travelers in being more aware of some of the latest travel scams that criminals are using. By working with both members and non-members, United Reservation Services knows that winter 2013 can be the safest travel season yet.

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