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Ube Announces a Smart Light Dimmer That Can Control Your Other Smart Gadgets at SXSW

March 11, 2013 - Austin, TX

SXSW -- Demo 2012 People's Choice winner Ube (pronounced "yoo-bee") announced that their WiFi Smart Dimmer (currently funding on Kickstarter at will have the ability to control other smart devices in the home by simply gesturing on the dimmer's capacitive multi-touch interface.

The Ube dimmer replaces standard wall switches to control incandescent, LED and CFL lights. It's based on an ARM 32-bit processor running embedded Android and contains a Wi-Fi interface. The dimmer has a unique multi-touch capacitive interface that allows the light to be turned on or off by sliding a finger up or down on the glass switch front. Using two fingers can control multiple lights and using the familiar pinch-close gesture turns off all the lights in your home using machine-to-machine communication between multiple dimmers.

The innovation announced today takes advantage of the machine-to-machine capability and expands it to other devices on the network that can receive IP based commands. As an example, if a user draws a "W" on the dimmer, a signal could be sent to an IP connected water sprinkling system to turn on or off the sprinkler.

Ube's dimmer can be programmed to work with a variety of other IP based home devices as well. For instance, the letter "A" followed by an upward swipe can arm the alarm. Similarly an "A" then a downward swipe could disarm the system. The gestures are user programmable and therefore are secure. Ube has filed for a patent for this unique design.

The opportunities to utilize this gesturing ability are expanding rapidly. Earlier Ube announced cooperation with the Almond+ router. Ube is a founding member of the Internet of Things Consortium ( and is committed to open standards for the hundreds of home devices that sit on the IP network including thermostats, Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes and media streamers.

These Smart Dimmers are priced from $49 to $69 on Kickstarter.

Recently, out of a field of eighty-three hand selected companies vying for the spotlight at Fall DEMO 2012, Ube received the People's Choice Award for Fall DEMO and the $1Million IDG media prize.

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