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The Team Behind Hydroxycut Highlights the Versatility and Nutritional Value of the Emerging Quinoa Trend

May 13, 2013 - NEW YORK, NY

According to the makers of Hydroxycut, those who are looking for a healthy alternative to grains may have a difficult time finding a flavorful ingredient that offers a similar texture with nutritional value. However, the growing popularity of quinoa -- a unique, edible seed -- has revealed a preferable substitute for common carb-rich ingredients. The team behind Hydroxycut encourages individuals to look at a new series of recipes from Shape Magazine that express many different ways quinoa can be used in the kitchen.

One considerable entrée highlighted by Shape are "Low-Carb Cabbage Rolls," a dish made of cabbage, ground chicken, quinoa, red onion, egg and seasonings. According to the Shape Magazine article, "Not only are these rolls delicious, they're packed with super-nutrients such as glutamine, vitamin C, and vitamin A."

In a recent press statement, the makers of Hydroxycut respond, "Cabbage rolls made with quinoa and chicken, according to Shape, can provide a lot of great nutritional benefits. However, what is most appealing about these cabbage rolls is that they replace a dish that usually utilizes heavy proteins or carbohydrate-rich rice, but seemingly does not discount any of the flavor."

While the team behind Hydroxycut credits the other recipes in the article as alternatives for less-healthy foods, they note that introducing quinoa into a diet could provide other benefits. "These recipes are not only versatile and creative, but they provide a fun way for people to learn about a popular 'superfood.' Quinoa is a great addition for those who want to become more active in making meals and experimenting more in the kitchen with healthy recipes," the makers of Hydroxycut conclude in its press statement.


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