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Subsentio Launches "Safe Harbor" Certification for Lawful Intercept in Electronic Surveillance of Criminals and Terrorists

March 6, 2013 - DENVER, CO

Subsentio today introduced "Safe Harbor" Certification, the first comprehensive program designed to ensure communications service providers' compliance with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and to protect their customers' constitutional privacy.

"Unique in the industry, 'Safe Harbor' guarantees compliance with lawful intercept and privacy laws," said Steve Bock, Subsentio President. "With law and technology in flux, Subsentio's end-to-end compliance program means shareholders, executives and their lawyers can sleep at night."

The "Safe Harbor" Certification Program provides proven assurance that Subsentio's lawful intercept solutions meet the legal requirements of court orders for electronic surveillance. The "Safe Harbor" certification methodology spans:

  • Strict Adherence to Industry Standards -- for traditional wireline and wireless, VoIP and LTE, using US based standards including J-STD, 678v2, and IAS.
  • Expert Installation and Testing and Ongoing Testing and Maintenance -- to ensure the highest levels of performance.
  • Secure Transmission of Specified Information Only -- to protect customers' right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The Lawful Intercept Process and "Safe Harbor"

Under "Safe Harbor," Subsentio provides end-to-end management of the lawful intercept process. Subsentio solutions are expertly installed and integrated with the carrier's network, rigorously tested, and continuously monitored and re-tested 24x7x365 to ensure "five 9s" performance. Subsentio trains carrier engineering personnel and works closely with network hardware manufacturers to ensure flawless interoperability between its Safe Harbor solution and network devices to identify, isolate and capture pre-specified data only.

When legal authorities issue a court order, Subsentio legal personnel validate the order to ensure it is proper and lawful. Subsentio then administers and manages the court order to make sure that the type of intercept requested collects the proper information, is in place at the requested time, and that the information is transmitted to the requesting law enforcement agency in the correct format. The "Safe Harbor" process is certified, indemnifies the provider from non-compliance penalties, and protects customer privacy.

Subsentio in Action

The Subsentio team is renowned for its round-the-clock commitment and capabilities that apply knowledge of provider needs, the lawful intercept process and advanced technologies to save lives, prevent crimes, apprehend perpetrators and protect national security -- even when the carrier is not a Subsentio customer. On a daily basis, Subsentio's work involves "human interest" stories where rapid response to a threat prevents tragedy, including:

  • Teaming with a local and federal law enforcement task force to apprehend an at-large murderer.

  • Helping a federal law enforcement agency catch a dangerous narcotics trafficker.

  • Identifying intelligence in a child kidnapping case that led to the arrest of a mentally unstable individual, and ultimately, the safe recovery of the child.

About Subsentio

Subsentio, Inc. is trusted by communications service providers and the law enforcement agencies to perform court ordered lawful electronic surveillance. Based in Centennial, CO the company has national, regional and rural service provider clients.

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