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Stipple Mobile and Stipple Search Drive New Revenue Streams for Brands and Content Creators

October 24, 2013 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Stipple, a platform for image-based advertising, e-commerce, and photo attribution, today announced two new products, Stipple Mobile and Stipple Search. These products make photos across the visual and mobile web intelligent, helping image owners display their rights on their photos, and helping brands and content creators drive revenue in new ways.

The new products solve a critical problem for anyone who posts online photos with a commercial interest -- brands, photographers, realtors, etc. More than 700 million pictures are uploaded each day and shared through services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. As these photos are shared their attribution data is stripped, making it impossible for a viewer of a photo to know the brand, product or service behind it -- or to learn more about the photo, or make a purchase.

Stipple solves these problems by attaching context, data, and product information to photos in real-time -- connecting brands and content owners to their images wherever they're shared on the web.

"Brands increasingly leverage images to share stories and engage their communities, but without context and product information, images don't deliver on their full potential," said Rey Flemings, founder and CEO, Stipple. "Stipple is the only platform to maintain the data integrity of photos that are shared on the web, such as product shopping information. This creates opportunities for brands to engage with their communities and drive new revenue streams."

Drive Revenue From Mobile Photos
The Stipple app for iOS (Android coming soon) lets people easily add content and context to their photos with videos, social profiles and more, and instantly post them to Facebook and Twitter. Upon touching the photos, followers can explore relevant interactive content directly from the photos.

Stipple is the only mobile app that keeps people (and brands) permanently connected to their photos once their images leave the phone. Stipple also delivers engagement metrics so people can track how many times others see and touch their photos as they are shared across social platforms and the web.

In conjunction with the release of the apps, Stipple is launching two unique photo contests with weekly cash prizes. To take part in the Stipple Selfies and the Pro Challenge photo contests please visit

Prevent Orphan Works With Intelligent Photo Search
Stipple Search is a reverse image search engine that helps people learn more about images they find online, including shopping information. Stipple Search provides new context around photos by answering who, what, when, where and why. Stipple Search also addresses the problem of "orphan works," which occurs when the rights owner of a creative work cannot be identified or located.

"Stipple's technology provides a very powerful platform that connects images to their corresponding rights and descriptive information," said Jeff Sedlik, President and CEO, PLUS Coalition. "We are thrilled that Stipple is using the PLUS Registry to benefit photographers, distributors and publishers."

For more information on Stipple Mobile and Stipple Search, please visit

Rich interactive Image For Your Website
If you would like to include on your website an interactive image which reveals more info about the Stipple mobile app, please visit and copy/paste the embed code found below the image into your website's HTML.

See and Download the New Products
1. To download Stipple's new mobile app for the iPhone visit

2. To experience intelligent photo search with Stipple Search visit

3. To learn more about the Stipple Selfies and Pro Challenge photo contests visit

About Stipple
Stipple is the global leader in image-based advertising and e-commerce, and a platform for photo attribution on the web. Stipple enables brands to advertise in images that contain their products on top tier publishers, and in-stream on Facebook and Twitter. More consumers see brand images on the open web than on brand websites and through advertising combined. Only stipple accurately tags photos at scale across the web and mobile devices, enabling real-time distribution of media and commerce through images. Publishing partners earn revenue from advertising and purchases made via Stippled photos. Stipple's investors include Sands Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Floodgate, Relevance Capital, Justin Timberlake, and other leading investors.

About PLUS Coalition
The global non-profit PLUS Coalition is a collaboration between all industries involved in creating, distributing, using and preserving images. More at

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