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Spring Decor Solutions Reawakened Through Products Offered by INFURN

March 11, 2013 - NEW YORK, NY

While the winter season has remained full of many cold and tumultuous weather surprises, INFURN has found that many consumers are turning to home décor as a way to find respite away from this harsh time of year. As a company specializing in the design and production of stylish, modern furniture, INFURN has found that trends are shifting to bring vibrancy, vitality and comfort to the home space. A recent article from The Star Tribune highlights some of the emerging spring design trends, noting that many styles are notably influenced by what is most prevalent in pop culture.

According to the article, many residents are looking for ways to resonate the country elegance seen in Downton Abbey and the Art Deco elements capitalized in the recent Great Gatsby remake. In addition, the article notes that the style of the Industrial Age has continued to make an impression in modern spring décor, especially when it comes to office furnishings such a rough-edged file cabinets and console tables. Those looking for a more modern appeal have become more inclined to the types of designs witnessed in youth-oriented programs, such as HBO's Girls, prompting many to purchase simple, yet practical pieces, such as bar carts. As an alternative, consumers who are not looking to infuse pop culture into their homes are reported to focus on pieces with calming indigo blues, as well as patterned linens.

While there are many options for home décor this season, INFURN notes that it only takes one or two statement pieces to reinvent an interior space. In a recent press statement, INFURN explains, "Investing in a statement piece that could work in different environments is a great way to transform in an environment. For instance INFURN's iconic Egg Chair -- available in different colours and high-quality materials -- and its matching ottoman can create a trendy appeal in your bedroom or living room."

The furniture company also points attention towards the article's mention of emerging Louis XIV French influences in design. In its press statement, INFURN suggests, "For that classic French flair, our stylish Ghost Chair is an exceptional choice, as it is inspired by the definitive shapes of the Baroque style and provides a truly modern twist on the classic design."

While the products offered through INFURN can certainly make a splash in any home this spring season, the company's décor line continues to prove enduring and stylish, no matter what time of the year it is. "The days are getting longer and spring is slowly approaching, at INFURN we offer solutions to keep up with trends in home décor during the new season and all those to follow," INFURN concludes in its press statement.


INFURN is a company devoted to the production of designer furniture, drawing on more than a century of iconic and widely-loved designs. The company seeks to produce furniture that is timeless, unique, and classic in its design. INFURN delivers its products to more than 20 different companies; each piece if hand-crafted and produced and shipped with the highest standards of quality control in mind. INFURN boasts more than 400 classic designs, and has shipped its products to more than 100,000 happy customers across the world.


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