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Six-Month Braces Trend Wins Comment of Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics

June 17, 2013 - Toronto

Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics understands that braces play an important role in helping individuals to straighten their teeth and achieve their goals with regard to their smile; however, the entire orthodontic process can take up to two years, depending upon the issues that concern a patient, and this duration can deter individuals from getting braces. According to an article published by, though, six-month braces systems may help individuals to achieve their dental goals in as little as half of a year.

The article comments: "If you struggle with misaligned, crooked or crowed [sic] teeth you need to wear dental braces in order to straighten up your smile. Now, you might have been putting off this type of treatment, because traditional braces or aligners must be worn in many cases even up to two years or more. However, now it is possible to straighten teeth in as little as six moths [sic] with an orthodontic system called the six months braces."

Ultimately, this system is said to assist with overjet (when the front teeth protrude forward), gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, and bite problems, including underbite, crossbite, and openbite. But the benefits that this system offers are not limited to its results and short duration; these braces are discreet and do not create the high level of discomfort that is frequently associated with traditional braces.

While the information provided by the article with regard to this six-month process is highly positive, Dr. Morrow believes it is important that patients weigh all of their options regarding the orthopedic procedures that are available to them, as this process may not be as thoroughly studied as necessary in order for individuals to make an educated decision regarding its use.

"Acceledent is a new product to North America, and it seems as though it may be gaining some positive momentum," comments Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics. "It remains to be seen whether it truly will accelerate tooth movement, and thereby significantly shorten orthodontic treatment time. It is necessary to demonstrate its proven clinical effectiveness in the field of orthodontics in order to justify the significant added cost to the patient."

Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics encourages anyone who is interested in getting braces or exploring other options to address dental concerns to contact an experienced and trained dental professional for more information.


Dr. David Morrow of York Mills Orthodontics is a professional who provides orthodontic care to children, adolescents, and adults in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Morrow attended the University of Toronto, where he earned his dental degree and completed his graduate-level training to specialize in the field of orthodontics. After earning his degree, Dr. Morrow completed a residency at the Eastman Dental Center, where he studied general dentistry and temporomandibular joint disorders. Currently, Dr. Morrow is a part-time lecturer at the Department of Orthodontics of the Faculty of Dentistry in Toronto. Furthermore, he is a member of The Royal College of Dentists of Ontario, the Ontario Association of Orthodontists, the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, the American Association of Orthodontists, and the Toronto Orthodontic Study Club. When not working, Dr. Morrow enjoys cycling, playing hockey, and spending time with his family.


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