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Simon Close, Coventry Entrepreneur, Reveals Unique Histories of British Restaurants

June 17, 2013 - Coventry, United Kingdom

Simon Close, Coventry entrepreneur, is no stranger to restaurants that are located in buildings that have a great deal of character. His current entrepreneurial endeavor, The Establishment Bar and Grill, is housed in a historic building in the center of the Coventry community. As such, he was pleased to see a recent article published by The Guardian that highlights numerous restaurants across the United Kingdom that are located in interesting venues.

The article asserts: "London's hottest new restaurant used to be a loo. Really. In its previous life, Story, near London Bridge, was a block of Victorian lavs. Now it is a swish glass and oak affair, serving chef Tom Sellers' modern British food [...] By eradicating its former features, Story is going against the grain. Most restaurants in converted buildings now make a selling point of their past and incorporate original features into the design."

The article goes on to cite 10 different restaurants that are located in buildings with interesting histories, including: Malmaison Hotel and Brasserie, located in a former prison; Shrimpy's, located in what used to be a gas station; The Refreshment Rooms, located in a former waiting room; Pitcher and Piano, located in a 19th-century church; The Wolseley, located in a former car showroom; The Paper Mill, located in, as the name implies, a Victorian paper mill; The Library Restaurant, located in what was once a library; The Deptford Project Cafe, located in what used to be a train carriage; The Parcel Yard, located in a former sorting office; and The Tea Shop, which is housed in a bus.

"If you are lucky enough to have a location and/or building steeped in history, it can create an enormous attraction as long as you market it correctly," comments Simon Close, Coventry professional. "A customer will not only remember their dining experience, they will tell others about the history of the venue and the unique qualities that it has to offer."

One of the most important ways in which restaurants can differentiate themselves from competitors is to offer a creative dining space, and these restaurants have certainly achieved this goal. Simon Close, Coventry entrepreneur, encourages restaurant owners to consider how they can best leverage the history of their venues when marketing their companies.


Simon Close, Coventry professional, is currently the director of The Establishment Bar and Grill. A highly regarded part of the Coventry community, The Establishment is located in a renovated historic building and combines the charm of British history with the panache of modern dining. Previously, Close was the owner of Eden Restaurant and Bar, which provided him with the professional skills and experiences necessary to effectively lead the opening of The Establishment. In addition to his work in the restaurant industry, Close is the director of Renewable Micro Solutions, a company that offers combined heat power technology products and services to its clientele. Furthermore, Close is currently developing Cas Commodities, which will serve as a broker connecting buyers in Ghana with international suppliers for rice and sugar. Aside from his work, Close is interested in travel and has visited many exotic locations around the globe, including the Maldives, South Africa, Dubai, and numerous cities across Europe, China, and Brazil.


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