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Richmond Orthopaedic Surgeon Uses iPads to Enhance Doctor-Patient Relationships

March 6, 2013 - North Chesterfield, VA

Dr. Jan-Eric Esway, a Richmond orthopaedic surgeon, values the doctor-patient relationship and believes patient education is a key component to clear communication. To assist in his endeavor in finding innovative ways to increase his patients' orthopaedic knowledge, Dr. Esway has incorporated the use of iPads into the waiting rooms and operating rooms of his practice.

According to Dr. Esway, iPads provide an additional method to interact with patients and facilitate dialogue. By using an assortment of iPad apps, he is able to enhance patient knowledge, provide visual guides at the touch of a finger, and quickly access patient-specific information regarding their unique circumstance. In the operating room, Dr. Esway is able to give patients an interactive experience with fast access to x-ray images, 3D anatomical models, arthroscopic pictures, and clinical photographs to more clearly illustrate procedures including foot and ankle surgery.

Dr. Esway believes his patients' time is valuable. For this reason, iPads are provided for patient use even before they enter the exam room. His patients use this technology to:

  • "Meet Dr. Esway" through his website
  • Learn more about their specific concerns by clicking on an interactive foot and ankle image ("Where does it hurt?")
  • Browse the internet
  • Check email
  • Play games

Patients are given access to apps such as NOVA Foot and Ankle Pro 3 -- a 3D anatomy program that allows the user to examine each layer of the foot and ankle from the skin to the bone. 3D4 Orthopaedic Patient Education is a 3D video app that explains and explores common conditions such as arthritis, as well as common treatments like arthroscopy.

In response to the iPads, Dr. Esway's Richmond orthopaedic surgery patients have provided positive feedback, reporting such statements as:

  • "I was able to ask better questions during my visit with Dr. Esway."
  • "I was able to get more out of my visit with Dr. Esway. We spent more time talking about my goals because I knew more about my problem."
  • "After Dr. Esway recommended arthroscopic surgery, I watched a 3D video which showed me exactly what he would be doing during surgery. This made me feel much more at ease about setting up the surgery."

Dr. Esway ultimately hopes that his patients can be more involved and educated in the decision-making process about their care. He believes the iPads provide a much more efficient and clearer method of communicating complicated medical procedures than a sketched drawing on a piece of paper and a lengthy explanation. In the end, Dr. Esway says he feels the use of iPads enhances the entire level of care he is able to provide and helps him establish stronger relationships with his patients.

About Jan-Eric Esway, MD

Dr. Jan-Eric Esway is a graduate of Harvard University and earned his medical degree at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine. He has been practicing medicine since 2000 and has established himself as a leader in the latest methods of foot and ankle care. Dr. Esway is available for interview upon request.

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