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Pros at HR Comp Opine on "Fun" Workplace Trend

March 6, 2013 - Powell, TN

HR Comp is a professional employer organization (PEO) that offers a long list of services to assist small and medium business owners in streamlining the operations of their companies to better serve their employees and clientele. As such, the organization has taken a keen interest in the latest trend of "fun" workplaces, which is well described in a recent article published by Business Standard. Here, the professionals at HR Comp assert that a creative work environment can engage employees and, ultimately, result in lower turnover rates and a happier office.

According to the article, companies are now hiring consulting firms, such as Never Grow Up, to create a higher degree of engagement among employees. These niche businesses come into an organization and pinpoint the needs of its team. Based on the data collected and the analysis performed, the specialists develop an engagement strategy that will enhance the creativity and "fun" within the workplace. The article cites the example of a financial services firm to demonstrate: "Employees at a financial services firm are not staring at a computer in front of them and endlessly typing e-mails. They are seen walking up to one another's cubicle and talking about everyday work and queries. If you thought that the employees' computers are under repair, you are wrong. It is a 'no-mail' day in office."

"We have always encouraged our clients to give employees an open opportunity for creative expression instead of a rigid 'by the book' set of guidelines," asserts a representative from HR Comp. "It brings a positive element to the workplace and can stimulate creativity within individuals and others in that environment. Happy employees are usually productive employees, and this creative atmosphere often results in a lower turnover rate for business owners."

The professionals at HR Comp encourage business owners who are interested in creating a more engaging work environment for their employees to seriously consider reaching out to a specialty company to help devise a plan to do so. Work environments are constantly evolving and today's market is extremely competitive, meaning that it is important for employers to stay up to date regarding the needs of their professionals in order to retain their top talent, create a productive office space, and forge a solid reputation among both employees and consumers alike.


HR Comp, located in Powell, Tennessee, is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides its clients with logistic solutions ranging from human resources administration to employee management. Additional services offered by the company include: Web-based scheduling, payroll, direct deposit, tax forms, time and attendance, compliance, employee audits, staffing, insurance coverage, risk management, safety inspections, drug testing, file maintenance, safety training, and more. The professionals at HR Comp are well-versed in the needs of small to medium businesses and make it a point to seamlessly network with the organizations that entrust their success into their hands.

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