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Professional Employer Organization HR Comp Highlights Key Resources for Small Business Owners

March 11, 2013 - Powell, TN

HR Comp knows that small businesses often have a difficult time completing payroll. In fact, a recent article posted by ResourceNation directs small business owners to numerous resources that can assist them in better understanding this complex process. While these resources are certainly accessible to small business owners, though, an increasing number of these entrepreneurs are turning the responsibility over to other organizations in order to not only save time but also minimize their liability. With so many tax codes and other issues to consider when conducting payroll activities, a large number of small business owners have decided that outsourcing this task is well worth the overhead.

The article points small business owners in the direction of several different resources to assist them in educating themselves regarding the ins and outs of payroll management. These tools include: software providers, the Small Business Administration, Twitter, business blogs, networking opportunities, buyers guides, and online forums. While these are valuable resources, many small business owners simply do not have time to gather the information they need to process payroll accurately. So instead of researching the responsibility, they are outsourcing it to businesses that specialize in providing payroll management.

"As simple as payroll may seem to some people, it is an insurmountable task for others," comments a representative from HR Comp. "We see every day how many business owners are handing over the time consuming duties of payroll to service providers. It is not so much a matter of time constraints that prompts them to do so; many business owners are looking to reduce the liability that they hold. Payroll mistakes can be costly and, with so many options in outsourcing, more and more companies are making the decision to hand this responsibility off and rid themselves and their employees of the unnecessary burden."

The professionals at HR Comp encourage individuals who are interested in learning more about the outsourcing of payroll tasks to talk to a local specialty company to find out what, exactly, they can provide. While many organizations do offer payroll services, business owners must be careful to choose the company that is capable of meeting their organization's unique needs.


HR Comp, headquartered in Powell, Tennessee, is a professional employer organization (PEO) that serves its clients with logistic solutions ranging from human resources administration to employee management. Additional services that the professionals at this organization provide include: payroll, risk management, safety training, direct deposit, tax forms, time and attendance, employee audits, staffing, insurance coverage, Web-based scheduling, compliance, safety inspections, drug testing, file maintenance, and more. The professionals at HR Comp are capable of assessing and meeting the needs of small to medium businesses and are dedicated to effectively integrating their solutions with client organizations.

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