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Outdoor Enthusiast Ann Tatum Promotes Active Outdoor Summer Tips

June 11, 2013 - Santa Barbara, CA

As the founder of Outdoor Adventures, Ann Tatum is enthusiastic about the current article in the Buffalo News regarding how to stay active and stay outdoors with News Refresh Editor Scott Scanlon. The article approaches a specific group of determined people -- those who want to "look good in a T-shirt, shorts and a bathing suit in coming months." He identifies summer as an ideal time to explore outdoor exercise that can "lift the body, mind and spirit."

Ann Tatum celebrates his holistic approach to summer tips. "There are numerous perks to outdoor exercise, and not just with weight loss," she comments. "Integrating physical activity back into your daily life will reap incredible benefits."

Philip L. Haberstro, the executive director of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and Western New York mentions the important task of making a healthier life style enjoyable. "Technology has engineered so much physical activity out of our lives," he said. "The idea is to find creative ways to put it back in."

The article continues to highlight the need for wellness and creativity, thus resulting in outdoor fitness that doesn't just help you get into better shape for the summer. Ann Tatum responds to the lack of creativity and the need to implement enjoyable exercise. "With winter out of our minds, we can discover fitness outside of the gym and soak up a healthy amount of vitamin D at the same time," she said. "Explore the fun of biking, roller blading, running and hiking in beautiful destinations."

Scott Scanlon outlines other tips, including the outdoor activities offered at many gyms. Personal trainers often teach outdoor yoga or outdoor Zumba classes, a change in exercise routines that is good for the body and mind. He also mentions the idea of training for a race. Ann Tatum whole-heartedly responds to his statement.

"Participating in a big outdoor running race is a great way to build endurance and strength, but it's also ideal for overcoming mental blocks and challenges," she said.

He also notes that climbing can serve as a wonderful summer activity for people of all different skill levels. Ann Tatum acknowledges the immense advantages of water sports, including rowing, kayaking, paddle boarding and more as sufficient outdoor summer exercise. Scott encourages advanced fitness seeker to look into "adventure races," one of the most challenging events going on over the summer in all parts of North America. He describes the physical exercise as a tough mudder obstacle competition that "isn't cheap, but promises to be one of the go-to fitness events." The 10 to 12 mile race includes 25 military-oriented obstacles created by British Special Forces.

Ann Tatum responds to the competition. "Trying new challenges outside can be so rewarding. If doesn't have to align with extreme sports or intense endurance races, but as long as it challenges you and opens your mind to the great outdoors -- it's worth it." Ann Tatum encourages men and women to experience the joys of kayaking, hiking and other activities through her company.


Ann Tatum owns Outdoor Adventures with Ann, a group that provides exceptional outdoor opportunities for locals and tourists to experience the wilderness in Santa Barbara, California. She enjoys introducing clients to the benefits of outdoor exercise, leading them on kayaking, parasailing, horseback riding, hiking and many other adventures. When you book with Ann Tatum, you are guaranteed a safe, satisfying time through her extensive experience and knowledgeable staff.


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