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Oranum: The Spiritual Community's Second Anniversary


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March 17 marks Oranum's second anniversary. During the two years this community has been online, many great things have happened. The growing support and interest in the Oranum community demonstrates there are many people looking for answers about their future and seeking gifted psychics to offer them spiritual guidance and advice.

Oranum community offers its members the ability to chat and connect with psychics, spiritual experts and other gifted individuals in private chats for a low per-minute rate.

Oranum has grown into an online community and helped nearly half million members within 2 years. Approximately 5,000 new members join every month and 40 new psychics join the expert line-up as well. The website has grown steadily as more people become interested in the spiritual guidance these psychics have.

Oranum has also become the premier horoscope and psychic guidance website since its inception. It has a considerable Hollywood following, including celebrities such as actress Mena Suvari as well as "Real Housewives" Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump. It was even featured in the Christina Aguilera music video for the song "Your Body."

Oranum website has also been recommended by several publications including the MailOnline, Yahoo News, Star Magazine, the National Enquirer, the New York Post,, The Daily Mail and Hollywood Life. It is the largest horoscope content-upload website in the world, calculated by the number of characters per day. This means that on Oranum you will find comprehensive horoscopes content more than anywhere else online.

Why Is Oranum So Popular?

There are a number of reasons why Oranum has generated such publicity and acquired so many members. First, it is one of the only websites that allows clients to free chat with psychics so they can see if there is a connection before entering a private chat. Another popular feature is the iPhone app clients can download and use while they are on the go. Many customers also enjoy the prepaid-minutes system, so they know exactly what they are being charged for and are not surprised later. Moreover, Oranum's 100% secured payment and money back guarantee provide you a hassle-free environment, this is also their secret of 99% satisfaction rate.

Those who are wondering what the future will bring or struggling with a life decision sometimes find it incredibly valuable to hear a gifted psychic's advice.

Oranum psychics can perceive different forces and energies at work in a person's life and bring insight about the situations they are facing. These sensitive and perceptive individuals give compassionate advice for a number of situations and dilemmas, as well as examine future energy the client is inviting into their life. Oranum psychics can see what others do not and use their abilities to provide guidance and answers to those who are lost. In just two years, it truly has become a psychic social network, a spiritual community.

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