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Meep Reviews New Predictions for Tablet Popularity in Future

June 17, 2013 - Tualatin, OR

Although the 90s and early 2000s were defined as pivotal moments in technology due to the rise in personal computers, Meep reviews trend to predict that the next era of consumer gadgets will be concentrated on tablets and mobile devices. As products like the iPad and Kindle have become increasingly popular among adults for recreational use, the professionals at Oregon Scientific have approached the tablet trend and adjusted it to the younger population. As a result, this company produced its kid-friendly Meep Tablet for children aged six to 11, offering progress to a technological movement that is swiftly developing according to a recent article from NBC News.

While Meep reviews that children's use of tablets is steadily rising, the recent NBC News reports discusses the general increase in tablet use among all consumers, noting significant growth in consumer purchases in upcoming years. The article reveals, "Global personal computer shipments face a deeper-than-expected 7.8 percent slump this year as tablets overtake laptops for the first time, according to a report from market research company IDC. The firm previously had forecast a 1.3 percent decline in PC shipments for 2013 but said in a report on Tuesday that consumers content with tablets are continuing to hold off replacing aging laptops and desktop computers. By 2015, tablets will out ship not just laptops, but all PCs, according to IDC."

These consumer trends are clearly demonstrated by the IDC reports; however, those at Oregon Scientific believe it is also important to look at what factors are driving the increase in tablet use. Although many may estimate that the push in tablet purchases is simply due to consumer trends, Meep reviews that these products have gained in popularity due to their vast and continuously-developing potential.

In a recent press statement, Meep comments, "Tablets have entered virtually every aspect of culture and have vastly made improvements on the way we approach daily life. Consumers are not only using tablet devices for entertainment and communication, but also for business, productivity and education. As the world continues to adapt to this innovative technology, it is critical that youth become more aware of how to use tablets and how this tool can improve life."

Although the NBC News article reveals that many personal computer brands have tried to keep up with the progress of the iPad, Oregon Scientific explains that -- outside of the Meep Tablet -- there has been little progress in terms of kid-friendly tablets. However, the company remains dedicated to contributing to developing kid-friendly solutions in this area of technological devices.

"We believe the growth in tablet purchases is a natural progression of technology, and in fact, we are seeing it present itself to children younger and younger. We hear constantly from parents who have children as young as two or three years old about their tablet use. These children are using Meep Tablets for everything from educational apps to watching movies to playing their favorite games. Tablet technology is easy to understand and easy to use and is much more accessible and quick to launch than a PC," Meep reviews in its press statement.


Oregon Scientific, creator of the Meep reviews the best ways to encourage children to learn through use of interactive tablet technology. As such, this tech company manufactures and markets the high quality tablets for children aged six to 11. Instead of creating tablets that are not appropriate or durable for children, the company is passionate about developing top-notch tablet technology designed for entertainment and learning with many safe and customizable options.


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