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Managing Performance in Today's Business World Requires a Broader Approach Says Hays

June 24, 2013 - Tokyo

Many companies take the view that is too hard or just too expensive to invest in the performance of their workforce as a whole. Instead, they choose to focus on a small group of employees they label their high achievers but does this approach limit the organisation?

The latest Hays Journal examines the traditional model of performance management and takes a look at some of the organisations taking a more innovative approach.

Dangers posed to an organisation by the traditional model include:

-- The difficulties of defining "top performance".
-- Having a top tier that actively works to block the performance of others to maintain their position.
-- Setting stretch goals that are easy for the top tier to meet but near impossible for the mid-tier to meet.
-- Otherwise strong employees deliberately underperforming to avoid being set ever-harder goals.
-- Not safeguarding against a system that rewards an elite even when they deploy destructive behaviours to reach the top.

"In a fast changing world, Performance Management should be a continuous focus for any business factoring in a broad range of indicators. What was relevant yesterday will not always be relevant tomorrow and businesses must adapt to be effective. As a result, long gone (should be) the days where an annual appraisal determines your entire year," explains Jonathan Sampson, Regional Director of Hays in Japan.

"Equally, there is undoubtedly an opportunity cost in investing in any part of your business, so it is key to establish where the greatest returns will occur. However, that does not mean you can take any aspect of your business for granted. Of utmost importance is to understand the underlying factors and tailor your objectives, and support, accordingly," says Jonathan.

Click here to access the Hays Journal.

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Keiko Asakura
Hays Japan
Marketing Manager

Source: Hays

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