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Krowds Location-Based Video App Harnesses the Power of Shared Experiences

April 9, 2013 - Englewood, CO

Pixorial®, the video service that lets users transform shared experiences into their own personal stories, today announced the availability of Krowds™ Video -- the only mobile video app that lets people quickly discover, contribute and join in shared video experiences with full quality videos of any length. The Krowds app makes video crowdsourcing easy, convenient and nearly limitless, and completely changes the way consumers experience video by providing access to others' perspectives of a shared event.

Existing social video apps depend on a single contributor's perspective and impose stringent length limits. The Krowds app now lets anyone with an iOS or Android device discover, view and share videos of the same event in their original duration and quality. Using Krowds is easy. Users simply create shared public pools of video called Krowds based around an occasion such as a wedding, concert or sporting activity, and can find nearby events and shared interests with the app's location-based discovery features.

Krowds is backed by Pixorial's robust video platform that makes creating videos simple for anyone -- absolutely no video editing experience is needed. The Krowds app offers the first truly collaborative media space where users can easily find, share and repurpose relevant, meaningful video moments. For instance, a parent could find videos contributed by fans at their child's high school basketball game, select and edit relevant clips using tools on Pixorial, and create a new and personalized highlight reel. Upcoming releases will make the experience even more personalized with contextually relevant information such as location awareness, date, time, usage data, and integration with users' social networks.

"Krowds fundamentally transforms how we discover and interact with personal video," said Andrés Espiñeira, Founder and CEO of Pixorial. "Video is inherently social. It captures moments as we live them, but until now we've been limited to the bite-sized clips that others pre-screen and decide to share. Imagine finding a rich trove of raw, original quality video from a significant event -- such as your child's first school play -- and then capturing all the moments that are most meaningful to you. Krowds opens a world of choices by bringing multiple points of view to what was once a singular perspective. This app completely changes how we record and experience the events in our lives we most want to capture, save and share with those who matter to us."

The Krowds app delivers a simple, intuitive set of features and benefits including:

  • Location-based video discovery. Easily find videos captured at nearby locations or events. The location-based app displays the closest groups of videos in batches of 20.
  • Accessibility choices. Users determine the accessibility of any group they create:
    • Nearby - Based on location (up to 100 miles) to find and join "Near Me"
    • Stealth - Only video creators and people with whom they share can join
    • Public - In a future version, groups of videos designated "Public" will be accessible by anyone, anywhere
  • Zero limitations on video length or quality. Krowds is the only social video app that doesn't impose caps on video duration or resolution.
  • Streamlined sharing capabilities. Krowds provides one-step publishing of the entire group of videos to Facebook, Twitter. Users can also share their Krowds video groups via SMS or email message to people they wish to invite. Additional full-quality sharing options, such as email, direct links, videocards and other social and cloud networks are available on
  • Easy personalization. Although the app can stand alone for group creation and sharing, videos are available on Pixorial's full-featured cloud video platform, where users can link their favorite video clips, select the best parts, and add text, transitions and royalty-free music.

While users can easily and quickly capture, share and view videos in the standalone Krowds app, videos shot with Krowds on a mobile phone are also uploaded directly to the user's free cloud-based Pixorial Library. New customers receive 7GB of free storage, which is typically enough space for more than 150 average-sized videos. The Pixorial Library offers editing and sharing functionality with Pixorial's free Movie Creator. Users select their favorite videos and create their own unique special version of an event or shared interest with just a few clicks.

Download Krowds Video from the iTunes App Store, today and from Google Play in the coming weeks. To learn more, watch video demos, browse FAQs and see an official media kit, please visit

About Pixorial
Pixorial is the only crowd video ecosystem that lets anyone transform shared experiences into personal stories. Launched in 2009, Pixorial frees the world's video and connects people of all ages via its simple, intuitive video creation and sharing tools. Pixorial offers the only unlimited video platform imposing no restrictions on video quality, source, length or sharing capabilities, making it easy for users to upload, edit, organize and share their videos. With multiple industry awards and nearly 300,000 users worldwide, Pixorial is privately held and based in Englewood, Colorado.

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