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Karl Andre Talbot Discusses Importance of Location for Startup Success, Reviews New List of Entrepreneurial Cities

May 29, 2013 - Quebec

Karl Andre Talbot has built a strong business -- TALK Enterprises -- in Quebec City, but as a global business development and marketing professional, he knows that progress comes from many other locations in the world. As an entrepreneur, Talbot remains dedicated about encouraging other startups to find a path to success -- a journey that according to a recent Forbes article may be determined by location alone. Talbot reflects on a new list highlighted in the article that details the "10 best cities for young entrepreneurs" and discusses how location played a role in his professional development.

Forbes introduces the list, "NerdWallet tallied the top metro areas by population to determine this (surprising!) list of the best cities for young founders. With an equal weighting of loan data, cost of living, business activity, education and income, they've crunched the numbers to tally an overall score for 42 major cities. These 10 came out on top -- and (shockingly!) the Alley and the Valley are nowhere to be found." Although some cities on the list -- such as Houston, Austin and Seattle -- were not that unexpected to Karl Andre Talbot, he notes that other destinations may cause some entrepreneurs to reconsider location -- such as Oklahoma City, Raleigh and Minneapolis.

However, according to Karl Andre Talbot -- North America is a place that is prized for its promise for all business-driven professionals. He states, "The fact we are born and live in America is a blessing. If we embrace that and go over the fears of possibly failing, then we have a first step to startup a company. If you think of startups, Silicon Valley definitely comes to mind. Why? It offers access to the dream, access to multiple ventures who will risk on your dream and the right to fail many times without being judged. Although certain cities definitely have advantages in facilitating the launch of a startup, the United States still has the resources to encourage people, but most of all encourage investors to take risks. Yes, you might lose money. But you have the right to try making it big too without limitations and regulations other countries impose. That's how the USA became number one, and that's how they will gain that title back."

Although location does play a major role in a startups success, Talbot recognizes that other factors make a different -- including the passion of the entrepreneur. Personally, Talbot highlights Los Angeles, New York City and Miami as some of the top destinations to create a new business; however, he believes that today's global economy, these boundaries may soon slip away.

"In Quebec, a company is limited to 50 shareholders. Yet, it didn't stop me from starting a business here. Entrepreneurship is in the soul, not the location. You never know where that 'underdog' entrepreneur is going to come from. In the USA, Obama passed the Jobs Act taking the minimum investors from 500 to 2000 to encourage small investors to take risks. Now, that is encouraging entrepreneurship. We need to learn from that and encourage such practices all over America -- not just in specific cities," Karl Andre Talbot concludes.


Karl Andre Talbot is the innovative and driven founder of TALK Enterprises, a comprehensive business development firm that stands to offer solid services in marketing, technology and entertainment. As a seasoned professional of the marketing world, Talbot has had the ability to lead this company to success since its inception in 2010. Although TALK Enterprises serves a diverse set of clients from multiple industries, all efforts under the firm are designed to meet the same goal -- to produce unprecedented business growth and opportunities.


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