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Jeff Bartel Reflects on Travel Tips for Smooth Summer Vacations

June 17, 2013 - NEW YORK, NY

Jeff Bartel, who is the owner and founder of A Global Perspective travel agency, is issuing comment on a new article that provides travel tips for summer vacationers. Whether it is a quick weekend trip or a lengthy stay at a resort in another country, vacationers are encouraged to do a significant amount of research prior to packing their bags. Thanks to user-review sites such as Trip Advisor, it is easier than ever for an adventurer to get a sense of what a hotel, tourist attraction, or restaurant is like before they commit. These honest opinions from past voyagers can help an individual to plan a trip that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Though it is usually not necessary for short journeys, travel insurance can prove useful for big-ticket trips. Most of these vacations are non-refundable, so an unexpected situation can end up costing an individual or a family a significant amount of money. Travel insurance can come in handy in case the vacation is canceled entirely, or has to get cut short for any reason. Most policies also provide coverage for medical emergencies, baggage loss, and travel delays. They can help the vacationer to at least get some of the money back that they had invested in their trip. Large companies such as American Express, Travel Guard, Medex, and Travelex are often more reputable than lesser-known organizations.

Jeff Bartel supports this advice stating, "While it's likely that the vacation will happen with no problems, an individual should acknowledge that unexpected situations do occur. Flights get canceled, connections are missed, and children in the family get sick. A vacation is an investment, so instead of losing all of that money that the family has already put into the trip, travel insurance can help to offset the cost and recover some of it."

For long voyages, passengers should choose a seat carefully. A middle seat near the back of the plane is acceptable for a short flight, but for long journeys abroad, comfort is key. A traveler can rely on sites like to help provide insight into where exactly that seat is located, thus helping the passenger to choose a place where they will feel most comfortable.

For those looking for a memorable vacation experience, searching for alternative hotel options is often a wise idea. While traditional brand name hotels and resorts are appealing, lesser-known accommodations can add some personality to the trip. Seek out a Bed and Breakfast, or check out Unusual Hotels of the World, which lists lodging options in caves, tree houses, and lighthouses. The unexpected room will delight young travelers.

However, for those who prefer to stick to the "tried and true" accommodations, it is worth joining that hotel or resort's loyalty program. Enough stays earn the vacationer perks such as discounts on car-rentals or a shorter wait time during check-in.

Jeff Bartel encourages families to take their time when planning their vacation stating, "Researching every element of the trip helps to ensure that the journey is enjoyable for all members of the family."


Jeff Bartel is the owner and founder of A Global Perspective Travel Agency. For 12 years, he has helped clients plan flawless vacations, destination weddings, and conferences. Jeff has connections at hotels, car rental companies, and restaurants all over the world, thus enabling him to provide his clients with discounts and sound advice about what to see and where to go as they head out.


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