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March 21, 2013 - Puteaux Cedex, France


- Revenue: EUR1,778 million for full-year 2012

- Group revenue up 8%; Organic growth +2.1%

- 17% of revenue from fast-growing markets in Latin America, Asia-PacificandAfrica

- Digital and social media increased to 26% of revenue

- Net New Business EUR1.7 billion compared to EUR1.4 billion for 2011(+22%)

- Income from operations of EUR240 million in 2012, up from EUR220 millionin2011, an increase of +9.1%

- Income from operations margin 13.5% (+10 basis points)

- Net income, Group share of EUR126 million in 2012 compared to EUR120million in2011, an increase of +5.0%

- Restated earnings per share of 33 centimes (EUR) in 2012 based on thenumber ofshares outstanding at December 31, 2012, an increase of +16%

- Financial net debt: EUR168 million at December 31, 2012 compared to anetcash position of EUR44 million at December 31, 2011, following the buy-backofEUR269 million of shares

Havas CEO David Jones had this to say: "2012 was a strong year reflectingcontinued progress on profitability, organizational structure and strategicgrowth areas. Importantly, we continued to deliver sequential year-over-yearmargin improvement with further potential in the years ahead. New businessperformance in 2012 was strong by agencies at global, regional and locallevel,and we continued to grow both our emerging markets as well as our digitalbusiness. The simplification of our group structure and network brandingreinforces our agile and integrated organization with digital at the core,whichwe believe gives us unique competitive advantages within the industry.WhileEuropean economies remain challenged, we are confident in our ability tocontinue to deliver strong results and grow shareholder value for thelong-term."

1. See definition page 11

2. See table page 10 & definition page 11

The Board of Directors, meeting on March 21, 2013, approved the annual andconsolidated accounts for the 2012 financial year. These will be submittedforthe approval of the Combined Annual Shareholders' Meeting to be held onJune5, 2013.


EUR million (EURM) 2012 2011 2011

Revenue 1 778 1 645 +8%
Organic growth 2.1% 5.9%
Income from operations 240 220 +9%
Income from operations margin (%) 13.5% 13.4%
Net income, Group share 126 120 +5%
Earnings per share in cents (EUR) (1) 33 28 +16%
Net debt / (Cash) at 31 December 168 (44)
Dividend* in cents (EUR) 11 11

(1)(Number of shares at 31 December)

* 2012 Dividend to be proposed at thenext Shareholders' Meeting on
Wednesday 5
June 2013.

The annual and consolidated financial statements have been audited.Thestatutory auditors will issue their reports after their verificationof thedirectors' report.

1. Revenue

Group revenue for 2012 was EUR1,778 million, an increase of 8.0% over2011 on anunadjusted basis.

Organic growth was up by +2.1% for full-year 2012. Digital and social mediaonceagain increased their contribution and now account for 26% of overallGrouprevenue.

Over the course of 2012, the Euro depreciated in value against the USdollar,generating a positive exchange rate effect on revenue of EUR41 millionfrom theEUR/US$ rate alone. The total positive exchange rate impact on revenuewas EUR63million.

Figures for the geographic distribution of revenue were published onFebruary19, 2013.

2. Results

Income from operations in 2012 was EUR240 million, up from EUR220 millionin 2011.This resulted in an income from operations margin for 2012 of 13.5%, upby 10basis points from the 2011 margin of 13.4%, thanks largely to tightcontrols onoperating costs.

Operating income in 2012 was EUR219 million, up from EUR197 millionin 2011;operating margin increased from 12% in 2011 to 12.3% in 2012.

Net income, Group share of EUR126 million for 2012 was up +5% incomparison toEUR120 million posted in 2011. The Group's income tax expenseincreasedsignificantly, from 23% of income before tax in 2011 to 29% in 2012.Earningsper share rose from 28 centimes (EUR) in 2011 to 31 centimes (EUR) for2012, anincrease of 10.7%.

3. Financial structure

Net debt stood at EUR168 million at December 31, 2012, compared with anet cashposition of EUR44 million at December 31, 2011. The change was dueprincipally todisbursements on the OPRA and OPAS tender offers of June 2012, totalingEUR268.7million.

Average net debt(2) over the full year was EUR225 million, comparedwith EUR12million in 2011.

Total consolidated equity at December 31, 2012 was EUR1.1 billion, areduction ofEUR170 million also due to the success of the OPRA and OPAS offers. Theresultingnet debt/total consolidated equity was 14.8%.

Net debt as reported in 2012 excludes items such as earn-out andbuy-outobligations (approximately EUR100 million), in line with the practiceadopted bythe Group's main US and UK competitors and by the Bolloré Group, whichnow fullyconsolidates Havas (from September 1, 2012). Comparable net debt for2011 wasrestated accordingly.

The table in the Annex sets out the effects of the change in thedefinition ofnet debt.

4. Dividend and Shareholders' Meeting

The Board of Directors has decided to propose a dividend of 11 centimes(EUR),unchanged from 2011, at the forthcoming Combined Shareholders' Meeting.

The Havas S.A. Combined Shareholders' Meeting will be convened onWednesday,June 5, 2013.

Q1 2013 revenue will be published before May 10, 2013.

5. Net New Business(1)

Net New Business(1) won in 2012 was EUR1.7 billion, up from EUR1.4 billionfor 2011.

2012 saw strong new wins by Group agencies at global, regional and locallevel.Among the most significant over the year:


Havas Worldwide's BETC was chosen as global integrated agency for LouisVuittonand Berluti. Intel Asus, Novartis, GSK and Giorgio Armani Parfums allchoseHavas for their advertising campaigns, and Sephora for itsinternalcommunications. Havas Worldwide won global data duties for Unileverand wasappointed digital agency of record for the Snuggle fabric softener brand.HavasWorldwide Munich won institutional communications and all PRactivities forOsram worldwide. Philips appointed Havas for its digital strategy.

Havas Media International France won the global account for Deezer.HavasMediaAsia Pacific was appointed global agency for the Shangri-La Hotels &Resortsluxury hotel group. Havas Media won the Rémy Cointreau account andArena Miamiwon the Natura account for five markets. MPG International won the MrPorteraccount for the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Havas alsowon thePerfume Holdings digital account for twelve markets.

Regional: chose Havas for advertising duties in Europe and Asia.

Havas Worldwide's BETC London won the Diet Coke account for the whole ofEurope.The Group also won the pan-European digital strategy and advertisingcampaignfor Heinz Ketchup.

Havas Digital France won Caudalie for France, Germany and Spain. Anotherkey winwas Axa for Belgium, Germany and Spain.

On the strength of its integrated services, Havas won the account for thelaunchof a second series of euro bank notes for the European Central Bank:HavasWorldwide Düsseldorf is responsible for mass mediacommunications andinternational coordination, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam for onlinecommunicationsand Havas Media Frankfurt for media planning and buying in all theEurozonecountries. In France, Havas Worldwide Paris, Havas Event and HavasProductionstake the lead on strategic consultancy, PR and events, and HavasDigital isresponsible for the multilingual microsite.

The USA continued to deliver strong new business with major gainsincluding:

Sony Playstation, American Eagle Outfitters, Atlantic City, New YorkLife,Lycra, Bel Brands, Phoenix University, Hershey's, Claire's, Nature'sBounty andCenter for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sovereign/Santander Bank chose Arnold for its rebranding campaign and itsentirecommunications strategy., an e-commerce site operating in 20countries,chose Arnold NYC for its first TV spot. Havas Worldwide PR North Americawon theaccount for vodka brand Oddka (Pernod Ricard). Other US wins includedChoiceHotels International, Tyco and Mundo Fox. Havas Worldwide Chicago wondigitaland eCRM duties for Citibank credit cards.

New wins in digital poured in, including the NBA, the NFL, WarbyParker andClorox Professional Products.

In Latin America, Havas Media won MSD, Nacional Monte de Piedad, Nikon andHardRock Hotel.


Account wins for Group agencies in France included AXA, Coty,Hyundai, LaPoste, McDonald's, Club Med Gym and GMF, plus internal communications forSanofi(from New York).

In the UK, Group agencies won Ubisoft (Just4dance), Konami, IdealStandard andRicola as well as We7, City Index and children's charity War Child.Staples,Seagate, Lego opted for Havas Worldwide London and Havas WorldwidePrague fortheir social media campaigns.

In Poland, Havas PR Warsaw added insurance companies Prudential andEnerga toits roster. Havas also won CRM duties for L'Oréal in Poland.

The Group won four new Kraft brands in Italy, in addition to Durex andGenerali.

In Spain, our agencies added Omega Pharma, Gas Natural Fenosa,Dirección Generalde Tráfico and H&M to their client rosters.

Other wins included corporate design duties for Deutsche Bank and DrTheissNaturwaren in Germany and Adecco and Foodpairing in Belgium.

Asia-Pacific also delivered continued momentum of new business wins.

In China, Havas won Volvo and six new brands for dairy products giantYili aswell as YFY Investment, Hermès Parfums and digital duties for PizzaHut in HongKong.

In India, Group agencies won Carlsberg, Nokia, Tata Motors and MaxLifeinsurance (digital).

Group agencies in Australia signed up Virgin Mobile, Playstation andStudyAdelaide. Sugon, Danone and Danone Activia appointed Havas WorldwideMelbourneand Kuala Lumpur to handle their digital accounts.

Indonesia's biggest telephone operator XL Indonesia and DHL in thePhilippinesalso joined the Group's client roster.

Havas agencies in Latin America notched up a series of wins,including LANAirlines and DisToyota in Colombia, Unilever in Chile, Sony Pictures,Whirlpooland Pepsico in Mexico, as well as Qatar Airways in Brazil.

Other additions to our client roster in Latin America included BBVA,Bavaria,Santander, DHL and Hyundai Motors Brazil.



The share repurchase tender offer (OPRA) targeting some 12% of thecompany'sshare capital proved highly successful and resulted in an increase inearningsper share. The simplified offer targeting all outstanding redeemablewarrants tosubscribe to and/or acquire shares (BSAAR) 2006/2013 was also very wellreceivedand the warrants purchased, representing some 8% of potential sharecapital,were subsequently cancelled.

b) Créative, digital and media integration

In 2012 Havas completed the integration of creative, digital and mediateamsunder the same roof in Puteaux, following the acquisition of its new HQ forEUR160million. A similar move will be implemented in New York in Q2 2013.

c) Rebranding Euro RSCG as Havas Worldwide

In September 2012, Havas rebranded all 316 agencies of its Euro RSCGWorldwidenetwork under the new name of Havas Worldwide, underscoring the Group'ssimple,clear, agile and integrated structure that places digital at the core ofall itsactivities and agencies.

The Havas Worldwide global network and the Arnold Worldwide micronetworkare nowpart of the Havas Creative Group.

d) Reorganization of Havas Media and rebranding of MPG

Havas has taken another step forward with its integration strategydesigned tounderscore its simple and agile structure, by creating Havas MediaGroup, anumbrella brand encompassing all of Havas's media agencies andconsisting ofHavas Media (formed by the merger and renaming of MPG and MediaContacts,operating in 126 markets), and Arena Media.

This new organization of its media business unit will help Havasachieve itsobjective of being the first major communications group toinvest inestablishing digital excellence and innovation at the core of all itsagenciesworldwide.

e) Acquisitions and specialist startups

Over the course of 2012, Havas acquired several agencies at a total costin theregion of EUR40 million (including earn-out/buy-out obligations). Thesetargetedacquisitions were chosen specifically to build on Havas's strengths indigital,technology and creativity, in line with the Group's acquisition strategy.Someof the most significant include:


At end June 2012, Havas acquired a majority stake inBoondoggle, thelargest independent fully-integrated digital agency in Benelux. The movefurtherconsolidates Havas's digital leadership in Europe and puts it among theTop 3agencies in the Benelux region.

Boondoggle was founded in 2007 and now employs over 120digital andcreative experts in its Amsterdam and Leuven offices, offering fully-integratedsolutions to a blue-chip client roster that includes leadingnational andinternational brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Heinz Europe, IgloEurope,Belgacom, Thomas Cook, Tiense Suiker, Belfius, Kinepolis, Delhaize andRabobankInternational Direct Banking.

Creative Lynx (now renamed Havas Lynx)

In May 2012, Havas announced its acquisition of a majoritystake inCreative Lynx, Europe's leading digital health and wellnesscommunicationsagency, winner of 26 digital innovation awards over the past threeyears andcredited with a series of industry firsts in social media, closed-loopmarketingand mobile.

The move further strengthens Havas's position in thehealthcarecommunications sector, bringing Creative Lynx's digital innovation andcreativeexpertise into the global Havas Worldwide Health network. Creative Lynx isbasedin Manchester and has a regional office in Geneva (Switzerland).


In April, Havas Media boosted the Havas Sports & Entertainmentnetwork'sbrand engagement offer with the acquisition of ignition, an award-winningindependent experiential marketing agency with offices in the USA,London andMoscow. Ignition's blue-chip client roster includes brands such asAmericanExpress, BP, Delta Air Lines, ESPN, Kia, United Nations Foundation,Victoria'sSecret and The Coca-Cola Company (holding coveted 'Global Partner' status).

Victors & Spoils

At the beginning of April, Havas announced its acquisition of amajoritystake in Victors & Spoils, the world's first and biggest creativeadvertisingagency built on the principles of crowdsourcing. The acquisition givesHavasaccess to V&S's unique technology and innovative marketing knowhow,and abusiness model that has already attracted some of the world'sbiggestadvertisers, including Chipotle, Coca-Cola, Converse, Crocs, DiscoveryChannel,Dish, GAP, General Mills, Harley Davidson, Levi's, Mercedes Benz,Oakley,PayPal, Smartwool, Smashburger, Unilever, Virgin America, WD-40, etc.


After nine years of fruitful collaboration, Havas Media acquired amajoritystake in Swiss agency Mediaxis, based in Zurich. The company will berebrandedMediaxis MPG and ranks as one of the top 3 media agencies on the Swissmarket.Its client roster includes major names such as Reckitt Benckiser, Danone,Lindt,Barclays and Hermes.

Havas Media Ortega

Havas Media made further investments in its Philippines operationswith thelaunch of Havas Media Ortega, bringing on board a new management team thatwillinclude industry heavyweights in the fields of advertising, media anddigital.Havas Media Ortega will integrate two of Havas Media's existing agenciesin thePhilippines, MPG and Media Contacts, with Collab and the Mobex brand,now thePhilippines' biggest mobile marketing and digital agency. Havas MediaOrtegawill be the Philippines' first full-service media agency, investingmassivelyacross all its component services.

In 2012 Havas launched a number of start-ups including:

Rosa Park in France, Host in Singapore, Arnold Poland, Alloy ASLin theUSA, Havas Worldwide Social in Brazil as well as several new Havas Mediaofficesin Africa : Kenya, Rep of Congo, South Africa and Nigeria.

f) Havas recognized as a key player in digital

Havas has always put digital at the core of all its agencies andall itsactivities. It is this strategy that has made the Group a leader inintegrateddigital and seen digital's contribution to Group revenue increase from22.8% in2011 to 25.6% in 2012. Key events of 2012 included:

* Mobext, the Group's mobile marketing network, was named top mobileagency in the North American market at the Digiday Mobi Awards, for the secondyear running.

* Creation of the Havas Digital umbrella brand covering all the Group's digital assets.

* New business wins over the course of the year, such as global dataduties for Unilever, global digital duties for Intel Asus and other blue-chipwins including Hershey's, Danone, Expedia, Ibis, Lego, Nokia and Sony PlayStation.

* Continued investment in cutting-edge technology through targeted acquisitions such as Boondoggle, Creative Lynx and Victors & Spoils.

* Reinforcement of the network of in-house experts making up the digital leadership group, which includes Matt Howell, Dave Dugan and ElliotSeaborn at Arnold Worldwide, Alfonso Aznar, Claire Adams and Jay Morgan atHavas Worldwide, Rori DuBoff and Andrew Altersohn at Havas Digital and Maria DePanfilischez at Havas Lynx.

g) Awards and accolades

For the second time in two years, BETC has created the most awarded filmin theworld. Following the outstanding success of the film "The Closet" in2010, theCanal+ saga continues with "The Bear" which has so far won more than 70awardstherefore becoming the world's most awarded spot, not just of 2012 butalso inthe history of the Gunn Report.


At the 59th International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, the Groupscooped atotal of 27 Lions: a Grand Prix, five Gold, eight Silver and thirteenBronze.BETC won a Grand Prix in Film Craft for "The Bear" for Canal+. The Groupalsohad considerable success at events such as the Clio, LIAA and D&ADAwards, aswell as at the Internationalist Awards for Media Innovation.

The Group's other most awarded campaigns of 2012 were: Heineken - DosXX byHavasWorldwide New York (the sequel to the "Most Interesting Man in theWorld"campaign) in film and radio; Truth/CDC by Arnold Boston in film andradio;Reckitt Benckiser - Durex "Vinyl" and Alberto Culver - VO5 "Pageant" byHavasWorldwide London; Sparkassen "Giro sucht Hero" by MPG Germany;MetropoleOrchestra by Havas Worldwide Amsterdam; "Mugshots" by Fuel Lisbon forAmnestyInternational in print; Mars - Pedigree "The TV Star That SavedMillions ofDogs" by Havas Sports & Entertainment Buenos Aires, MPG and MC BuenosAires;Reckitt Benckiser - Vanish Napisan Crystal White "Sponsor the WhiteHouse" byHavas Worldwide Sydney and Air New Zealand "The Kiwi Sceptics" by HostSydney.


A number of the Group's agencies were named Agency of the Year: TheHolmesReport named Cake Group its Agency of the Year; Merca2.0 magazinemade MPGMexico its Agency of the Year for the second year running; at the AMMAAwards,Havas Media Belgium was also named Agency of the Year for the secondyear insuccession; MPG Portugal was voted Media Agency of the Year at theMarketeerAwards; Marketing & Media named Havas Worldwide Poland its AdvertisingGroup ofthe Year; BETC Paris was named Agency of the Year at the New York ADC; theBIMAAwards named AIS London Agency of the Year; MPG was voted Network of theYear atthe Festival of Media LatAm and Fuel Lisbon was named Agency of the Yearat thePremios a la Eficacia.

At the Mobi Awards, Mobext was named Mobile Marketing Agency of the Yearfor thesecond year running.

h) Corporate Social Responsibility

In keeping with its strategy and commitment, Havas continueddemonstrate itsleadership on the CSR front through the following initiatives:

* Publication of the Group's first Sustainability Report, based oninformation provided by our internal CSR reporting tool and shedding light on themany initiatives undertaken within the Group.

* As a member of the media planning and buying industry federationUDECAM, the Havas Media France agency took part in the first collective "officelife" carbon footprint assessment of leading media agencies.

The process involved gathering data on all the agencies' activities(mediabuying, digital) and culminated, thanks to widespread media cooperation,in aprovisional assessment of greenhouse gas emissions generated by their TV,press,Internet and radio media buying.

* The 3(rd) One Young World summit ( was held in Pittsburgh in October 2012. Dubbed "Young Davos" by CNN, the aim of One Young World (co-founded by David Jones and Kate Robertson) is toprovide a platform for today's young people, the leaders of tomorrow, to bringabout positive changes in the world. 1,300 young delegates (all aged under25) from 183 countries, accompanied by 40 world-famous Counselors including former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former US President BillClinton, Professor Muhammad Yunus and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, came togetherto create tangible initiatives to address some of the pressing issues theworld faces. Over 200 firms, among them some of the world's largest including Google, Unilever, L'Oréal, Apple, Accenture, Puma and Facebook,showed their support by sponsoring delegates.

ANNEX 1: Financial information




- See press attached press release

About Havas

Havas (Euronext Paris SA: HAV.PA) is one of the world's largest globaladvertising, digital and communications groups. Headquartered in Paris,Havasoperates through its two Business Units: Havas Creative Group and HavasMediaGroup.

Havas Creative Group incorporates the Havas Worldwide( - formerly Euro RSCG Worldwide - (316 offices in 75 countries), theArnold ( micro-network (16 agencies in 15 countries on 5continents)as well as several other strong agencies.

Havas Media Group (, is the world's fastest growingmediagroup, operating in over 100 countries, and incorporates two majorcommercialbrands: Havas Media (ex MPG) and Arena.

A multicultural and decentralized Group, Havas is present in more than 100countries through its networks of agencies and contractual affiliations.TheGroup offers a broad range of communications services, including digital,advertising, direct marketing, media planning and buying, corporatecommunications, sales promotion, design, human resources, sports marketing,multimedia interactive communications and public relations. Havas employsapproximately 15,000 people. Further information about Havas is availableon thecompany's website:

Forward-Looking Information

This document contains certain forward-looking statements which speak onlyas ofthe date on which they are made. Forward looking statementsrelate toprojections, anticipated events or trends, future plans andstrategies, andreflect Havas' current views about future events. They are thereforesubject toinherent risks and uncertainties that may cause Havas' actual results todiffermaterially from those expressed in any forward-looking statement. Factorsthatcould cause actual results to differ materially from expected resultsincludechanges in the global economic environment or in the businessenvironment, andin factors such as competition and market regulation. For moreinformationregarding risk factors relevant to Havas, please see Havas' filings withthe AMF(Autorité des Marchés Financiers) (documents in French)and, up to October2006, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (documents inEnglishonly). Havas does not intend, and disclaims any duty or obligation, toupdate orrevise any forward-looking statements contained in this document toreflect newinformation, future events or otherwise.

(1): Net New Business

Net new business represents the estimated annual advertising budgetsfor newbusiness wins (which includes new clients, clients retained after acompetitivereview, and new product or brand expansions for existing clients)less theestimated annual advertising budgets for lost accounts. Havas' managementusesnet new business as a measurement of the effectiveness of its clientdevelopmentand retention efforts. Net new business is not an accurate predictor offuturerevenues, since what constitutes new business or lost business issubject todiffering judgments, the amounts associated with individual businesswins andlosses depend on estimated client budgets, clients may not spend as much astheybudget, the timing of budgeted expenditures is uncertain, and theamount ofbudgeted expenditures that translates into revenues depends on the natureof theexpenditures and the applicable fee structures. In addition, Havas'guidelinesfor determining the amount of new business wins and lost business maydifferfrom those employed by other companies.

(2): Average Net Debt is calculated as the difference between thestructuredgross debt under IFRS (OBSAAR, Eurobond, used credit lines, etc.) and thecash &cash equivalent measured on a daily basis for the main countries integratedinthe International cashpool ; for the other countries, the average net debttakeninto account is the monthly average net debt. The average net debt alsoincludes E/O and B/O debts which are re-evaluated at June 30 and December31,and adjusted according to actual payments. The new definition excludesearn-outand buy-out obligations and includes blocked current accounts relating toemployee profit-sharing.

Other definitions:

Organic growth is calculated by comparing revenue for the currentfinancialperiod against revenue for the previous financial period adjusted asfollows:

- revenue for the previous financial period is recalculated using theexchangerates for the current financial period;

- to this resulting revenue is added the revenue of companies acquiredbetweenJanuary 1 of the previous financial period and the acquisition datefor theperiod in which these companies were not as yet consolidated;

- revenue for the previous financial period is also adjusted fortheconsolidated revenue of companies disposed of or closed down betweenJanuary 1of the previous financial period and the date of disposal or closure.

Organic growth calculated by this method is therefore adjusted forvariations inexchange rate against the euro, and for variations in thescope ofconsolidation.

Income from operations corresponds to revenue after deduction ofcompensationand other operating income and expenses from operations.

Operating income is equivalent to income from operations afterdeduction ofindividually significant items of "other operating expenses and income"of anunusual or infrequent nature.

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