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Guardian Wealth Management: UK Pensioners Face New Risks

February 13, 2013 - London

The need to plan and save for retirement is a nearly universal one, and certainly a major concern for residents of the UK; according to a recent article from AOL Money, however, many UK residents have grown disillusioned with the traditional pension plan. The article argues that many individuals have a natural, instinctive distrust of pensions, and as such, they are reluctant to put too much money into pension schemes, particularly when there are rumors and reports of financial tumult or economic unrest. As such, more and more UK pensioners are seeking to invest in property as opposed to traditional pensions, but the article argues that this, too, is a risky proposition. This conundrum has earned the attention of Guardian Wealth Management.

Guardian Wealth Management has responded to the article with a new statement to the press. "Many savers have become disillusioned with the traditional pensions market, preferring to take matters into their own hands, but ignoring the importance of a pension could prove a serious mistake," says David Howell, the Chief Executive of Guardian Wealth Management. "Retirement planning is one of the most important parts of any financial planning strategy. The fact that property has become a go-to for many savers suggests a poor understanding of the risks associated with property prices and a lack of a comprehensive financial plan."

Indeed, the AOL Money article notes that, while property investments are seen as promising by some pensioners, the actual value of properties held by UK pensioners has experienced a sharp decline, falling by an astonishing £ 3.64 billion in the last three months alone. On average, homeowners over the age of 65 have lost thousands of pounds in property value during this relatively brief span of time. While property values have risen in a few parts of England, the trend across the UK has been one of sharp diminishments.

This, according to David Howell, is why a more prudent retirement plan is in order.

"Having a firm financial plan in place that explores the most tax-efficient ways to save for the future is crucial if you are to enjoy a happy and secure retirement," contends the Guardian Wealth Management executive. "Self-invested personal pensions offer the investment flexibility and control many want when it comes to their money and make up an undeniably important part in planning for the future."

Guardian Wealth Management provides a number of financial planning services to UK citizens and expats alike, including many different options for pension schemes and retirement accounts. The firm is adamant in attending to the long-term financial needs of its clients.


Guardian Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm, offering a variety of wealth analysis and management services to clients in the UK, in the Middle East, and throughout Europe. With numerous offices and a large, dedicated team of financial professionals, Guardian Wealth Management is proud to render retirement planning, education fund planning, and general financial planning services, as well as life and health insurance and more. The company was founded by long-time financial services professional David Howell.


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