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Film Production Company Cafe Oscuro Films From Colombian-Born Movie Producer, Wraps Up Production Phase of Independent Horror Thriller Feature Film

April 9, 2013 - MIAMI, FL

Café Oscuro Films, in collaboration with Atlantic & Pacific Pictures, are pleased to have finished the production phase of their most ambitious project to date, the horror-thriller film titled Nevermore.

Nevermore is a horror-thriller film that takes place in Cedar Rock Falls, a small fictional town in North Carolina where a man (James), his wife (Jennifer) and 7 year-old son (Danny) decide to move temporarily after the death of James' mother. Soon, the family begins to experience strange and frightening episodes of paranormal activity in the house, as they discover ghostly apparitions of children.

The film is co-written and directed by renowned director and special effects' artist Dean C. Jones. Winner of two Emmys, Mr. Jones has been actively involved in productions such as "Poltergeist," "Poltergeist II," "Star Trek," "X-Men: First Class" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", among several others.

Legend of the genre and three-time Golden Globe nominee actor, Lance Henriksen, acts in the film as Father Donovan. Best known for his roles in 'Alien' and FOX's 'Millennium,' Mr. Henriksen is the perfect complement to a talented cast that includes Jason Cook (Day of our Lives and General Hospital) and Valerie Azlynn (Sullivan & Son and The Big Bang Theory), as well as model and Olympic medalist Lauren Sesselmann and little actor William Pifer in the role of Danny; both making their feature-film acting debut.

Filming of Nevermore took place in the Alamance County in the State of North Carolina for an entire month, giving the opportunity to many local residents to be cast in supporting roles throughout the movie.

Executive Producer for Nevermore, Liliana Kligman (Café Oscuro Films) said:

"Filming Nevermore was one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire career. I had a lifetime dream that started at College, became a great idea a couple of years ago in Bogota, Colombia and then materialized as a production company in the US. Being able to work on such large and ambitious projects as Nevermore, and then see them become a reality is just phenomenal. Hand in hand with our partners and co-producers, and the entire collaborative team, keeping our focus and working very hard every day, today, we have completed an important stage of a project in which we have put all our expectations on."

After finding and closing a distribution deal in the forthcoming months, Nevermore is expected to come to theaters in the second semester of 2014 for audiences all over to enjoy a world-class independent horror film that will leave viewers wanting more. To follow all that goes with Nevermore from today to its premiere, follow Café Oscuro Films' and Nevermore's social networks and visit Café Oscuro Films' official website:

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