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Entrepreneur Sam Lehrer Comments on Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

May 13, 2013 - Jupiter, FL

Small business owners and entrepreneurs come from many different walks of life, and they bring with them diverse skill sets -- but according to sales professional and CEO Sam Lehrer, there are a few traits that all entrepreneurs have in common. To illustrate his point, Lehrer points to a recent Huffington Post article, which lists three of the most common characteristics shared by successful business owners. Lehrer has issued a new press statement, commenting on the Huffington Post article.

"In my 19 years of sales, sales management, and building companies, I have met many types and styles of successful business people," remarks Sam Lehrer, in his press statement. "Some are more successful than others, some equally successful but in different aspects, but almost all are 'driven' to excel in their given or chosen focus. Drive is a common theme among all of them. Whether the position is in sales, operations, or management, the truly successful people are always the ones who are driven to succeed."

Continues Lehrer, "I have also had the good fortune of meeting and working with many very successful entrepreneurs over my years. The difference between the average businessperson and the truly successful entrepreneur is almost always pure determination -- that is, guts and vision. This sheer determination to see their vision unfold is where they differ from the pack."

According to Lehrer, determination is what separates leaders from merely good business professionals. "Many potentially successful people never go into their own businesses," he notes. "They could have succeeded, but simply never took a shot on their own. I cried myself to sleep at night when I sold my house to start my first business, and I still wake up in the middle of the night worrying 10 years later -- but I wouldn't have it any other way. My advice would be to steel yourself, and take the shot."

As for the list of essential traits offered in The Huffington Post, the first is "resourcefulness." The article notes that a good business owner is someone who knows how to make much from very little. Second on the list is "intellectual curiosity," which the Huffington Post article says is essential for innovation. The third and final trait, shared by entrepreneurs, is "faith." According to the article, successful business owners remain certain that they will prevail, even during the most uncertain hours of business development.

Sam Lehrer has worked for years as an award-winning and highly successful medical device salesman; currently, he serves as the CEO of The Laser Outlet, which provides medical laser repair, maintenance, and refurbishment to healthcare professionals across the world.


Sam Lehrer has a long and distinguished track record in the medical sales profession; currently, he serves as the CEO of The Laser Outlet, a company that offers low-cost repair and maintenance work on medical lasers. Additionally, the company provides healthcare professionals with re-certified and refurbished lasers. The company's client base includes healthcare professionals in a range of fields, including cosmetic surgery. Lehrer is also a devoted philanthropist and a renowned community business leader.


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